5 reasons it’s time to swap your plastic sponge to this loofah - EcoVibe

5 reasons to swap your plastic sponge to this loofah – EcoVibe

Here at EcoVibe, we’re proud to have a range of fantastic eco-friendly cleaning products including our bestselling compostable sponges and coconut scrub pads. Our amazing customers have been asking for natural loofahs for washing up to join our cleaning collection, so we’re so excited to launch our new Washing Up Loofah! Here’s our top 5 reasons you should make the swap…

They're 100% biodegradable

Mainstream dishwashing sponges are made from oil-based plastic that will most likely end up in landfill, where they’ll stay for hundreds of years. Or worse, they’ll break down into microplastics, polluting our waterways and land environment.

These washing up loofahs are 100% natural as they’re made from a plant. Loofah is a type of squash plant that grows on a vine. When it’s picked, it’s then dried and skinned and what remains is what you’ll see on thousands of bathtubs across the globe and now, our fabulous washing-up tool.

Natural loofah plant

Can you believe loofahs start out like this? Our minds were blown the first time we saw this!

As it’s made from a plant, this means the loofah is totally plastic and microplastic free. When it’s reached its end of life, you can just toss it in your compost heap!

They're more effective

Loofahs have a really cool spongey texture that’s perfect for washing dishes and lathering up our dish washing soap bars. Plus, the loofahs are also soft and flexible, which means they’re perfect for squishing down wine glasses too!

On top of that, they’re a bit more textured than the supermarket yellow sponges, which means they have more scrubbing power for removing dried-on food. But don’t worry, they’re still non-scratch and won’t damage your non-stick pans.


They're more durable

There’s nothing worse than watching your sponge break down as you’re trying to work through that mountain of dishes that seem to pile up in a blink - we blame the whole family eating 3 meals a day from home during lockdown!

Our new washing up loofahs are much stronger – thank you Mother Nature(!) – so will last much longer. In fact, as long as they’re looked after (more on that in a moment!), you can keep using them for around 3 months before chucking in the compost.

They're easy to look after

Just like your mainstream cleaning sponges, these natural loofahs need little care to keep clean. Just rinse out any food debris under the tap and keep dry in between uses. Our sponge even features a cord so you can hang it up to dry if you like.

We’d recommend washing it properly from time to time. To do this, just pop it in the washing machine or dishwasher or boil in a pan for a couple of minutes.



They come in plastic-free packaging too!

Yes, we know this should be a given when shopping on eco-sites like EcoVibe. But unfortunately, many eco-friendly products like cellulose sponges or loofahs available in supermarkets or online marketplaces come wrapped in non-recyclable plastic packaging – what a nightmare!  

At EcoVibe, you don’t need to worry. Our natural washing up loofahs are just that; natural. In our twin pack, you’ll get two loofahs which come packaged in a recyclable, biodegradable and compostable cardboard sleeve so there’s no unnecessary waste.

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