Collection: Toilet Cleaning

We know that toilet cleaning isn’t the most exciting task, however with our collection of eco-friendly toilet cleaning products you can make sure you are doing your bit to protect our planet. We have a variety of different toilet cleaning products to choose from – such as our toilet cleaning bombs which are a natural way to clean, deodorise and disinfect your toilet in one easy go, without any need for harmful chemicals or any waste! And it doesn’t stop there we also have everything you need for a concentrated, deep clean with our toilet cleaner that is tough on germs but still gentle on the environment.

What is the best eco-friendly toilet cleaner?

Standard toilet cleaners not only product a great deal of waste when disposed of but they also contain a number of harmful chemicals and toxic ingredients. We have various alternatives which provide a deep clean, without the harmful chemicals or waste. Whether you use our toilet bombs or deep cleaner.

Are toilet cleaners safe for the environment?

Standard toilet cleaners and bleaches are not considered to be safe for the environment. However, we have plenty of alternatives. For daily cleans and keeping your toilet fresh we have toilet bombs and for a deeper clean – we have our toilet cleaner. All of these products are tough on germs but gentle for the environment.

How can I make my toilet eco-friendly?

There are various ways you can make your toilet eco-friendly. You can switch to less harmful products, that produce less waste as a first step. You can also look to utilise different cleaning accessories. We have various bathroom cleaning packs which can help get you started.