Collection: Cleaning Brushes, Sponges & Scourers

In order to achieve the best clean, we know you need good accessories to give you a helping hand. This is where our collection of eco-friendly cleaning brushes, sponges and scourers come in. From coconut scourers to compostable sponges we have everything you need to keep your home sparkling – with less waste. Our all-natural scourers make it simple to go plastic free whilst still ensuring you have the best quality cleaning accessories. Struggling to choose? We have a variety of simple switch and cleaning bundles which have everything you need to get started on your eco-friendly cleaning journey.  

What are eco-friendly sponges made of? 

Eco-friendly sponges should primarily be made from naturally occurring products. In our case, our compostable sponges are made from 100% cellulose which a natural wood fibre. It is this natural fibre that ensures they are fully biodegradable.  

How do you wash dishes in an eco-friendly way?  

There are a variety of things you can do to ensure you are washing dishes in the most eco-friendly way. It can help to visualise the steps you take when washing dishes. Primarily you will want to ensure you have the right accessories – so eco-friendly sponges, scourers and brushes but also a natural dish soap, or soap bar. 

What are coconut scourers?  

Coconut scourers are perfect for cutting through grease and grime on your dishes and pans – they are even safe for non-stick pans. Made from natural ingredients, these scourers are biodegradable and free from toxins – but because they are made from coconut, they are naturally anti-bacterial making a perfect cleaning product.