Collection: Glass Bottles & Glass Spray Bottles

Reusable glass bottles make a great alternative to plastic – not only do they help reduce your plastic use and waste but they look great doing so. Glass bottles are extremely versatile and can be used for a number of applications. We have a range of different options. Our glass spray bottles are perfect for all your cleaning needs, whereas our glass bottles with a liquid pump make fantastic soap dispensers. If neither of those are what you’re looking for we also have screw top bottles for all your other needs.  

Are glass bottles better than plastic? 

The short answer here is, yes. Glass bottles are generally better than plastic for a number of reasons. Not only are they more durable, reduce plastic use and generally higher quality but they also look great and have no harmful chemicals as plastic would have.  

What do you use glass spray bottles for? 

You can use glass spray bottles for a number of things – the great thing about glass is that it is extremely durable and can even handle corrosive ingredients (although we wouldn’t recommend the use of these). You can use glass spray bottles for cleaning products, water and even beauty products.  

Is glass eco-friendly? 

Glass is not only extremely durable and long lasting – making it a great reusable product – but it is also infinitely recyclable. This means it can be used, recycled and reused forever.