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PREORDER Compostable Bin Liners

PREORDER Compostable Bin Liners

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These are great, strong eco-friendly bin bags that are very reasonably priced

They hold out beautifully even if a bit of liquid goes on too. I’m proud to be part of reducing plastic and buying from EcoVibe.


Compostable Bin Liners

Certified compostable EN13432

100% Natural

25x bags per roll (30/50L)

52x bags per roll (7L)

  • 100% plastic-free bin liners
  • Biodegradable & compostable
  • 100% made from plants
  • Made in a zero-waste, wind-generated facility
  • Perforated to separate easily
  • 100% recycled and recyclable packaging
  • 7L size is approved to be used for the council’s food waste collection in the UK

Minimise plastic in your household

Big bin? Little bin? We have 7L, 30L and 50L liners available, perfect for all your bin needs.

Let our eco bin liners help you do your bit for the planet!

Looking to reduce your plastic consumption without a compromise on quality?

Our compostable liners are 100% plastic-free, leak-proof and are made from 100% organic materials. What's even better is they fully degrade within 6 months when composted.

If you're using them for food waste you can compost them right at home or leave them out for your local bin collection.

These bags are just as strong and leak-proof as plastic bin liners but will break down in 6 months if composted.

We love that these are made in a zero-waste facility which runs on wind-powered energy, so they have a super low carbon footprint too!


They are the best ones we've found...

...after buying from three other suppliers!

Lesley Anne

Why switch?

A lot of competitor bags are marketed as biodegradable, but actually aren't as they still contain plastic. EcoVibes' biodegradable liners are produced from responsibly farmed, renewable, vegetal resources and are certified fully compostable to EN13432.

They are both home and industrially compostable, and carry the OK compost (Home) and seedling logo 7P2018.

Approved to be used for the council's food waste collection in the UK.

You can also use these liners in your garden's compost heap as they will compost along with the rest of the organic materials.

Customer Reviews

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Sian Rosser
Bin liners

Love these and not adding more plastic to the mountains of it already existing. They’ve never leaked. Ordered many times.

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