Collection: Natural Deodorant

Standard deodorants can contain a number of potentially harmful chemicals – specifically those used to make anti-perspirants. Not only that, but a great deal of plastic is wasted each year from deodorants. We have a variety of natural deodorants which are not only kinder to your skin but are plastic free and therefore far less wasteful.

Is natural deodorant actually better for you?

There are many reasons why natural deodorant is considered better than standard anti-perspirants. Most of all they don’t contain the same chemicals. Anti-perspirant deodorants are considered to be better at preventing sweating however this is because they clog the pores and prevent sweat escaping. Sweating is natural and allows the body to remove toxins – natural deodorants help to soak up the excess moisture and keep you smelling fresh.

Why makes deodorant eco-friendly?

It’s safe to say not all deodorants marked ‘natural’ are eco-friendly. However, at Ecovibe we are proud that our natural deodorants also contain no plastics and are completely biodegradable and recyclable. Not only that but they are UK made – therefore reducing their carbon footprint dramatically compared to products shipped from overseas.