Eco Friendly Cleaning Products

      53 products

      53 products

      At Ecovibe we encourage the many different ways you can reduce plastic waste, and one of the best ways to do so is to revamp your cleaning cupboard – making simple switches to sustainable cleaning products. You might be surprised by the vast amount of sustainable cleaning alternatives – whether you are looking for compostable bin liners, biodegradable scourers, soluble cleaning sachets for your glass bottles or even eco-friendly laundry products – we have you covered. With plenty of reusable options to replace single use cleaning products – you will not only be saving pennies in the long-term but also helping to create a more sustainable world.  

      Do eco friendly cleaning products kill germs?  

      Our cleaning products are antibacterial so work in the same way as many standard cleaning products. The only difference is that our products don’t contain harmful chemicals or toxic ingredients.  

      What are eco friendly cleaning products?  

      Our eco-friendly cleaning products are different from normal cleaning products in the way that they don’t contain plastics, or plastic waste, they are derived from primarily natural ingredients and don’t use the same harmful chemicals that some standard cleaning products use. Our cleaning sachets are all made in the UK, which in turn helps to reduce their carbon footprint. 

      How can I disinfect my house naturally?  

      There are a number of ways you can naturally clean your home. We have a large range of cleaning products that derive from mostly natural ingredients – including antibacterial cleaners. However, you can also make a number of cleaning products yourself – check out our blog on DIY cleaning for more information.