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Exfoliating Heart Shaped Bath Loofah

Exfoliating Heart Shaped Bath Loofah

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Exfoliating Heart Shaped Bath Loofah 

This exfoliating bath loofah is 100% plastic-free, being made entirely from loofah plant layers, meaning that it's also completely biodegradable and compostable when it's at the end of it's usability. 

Cruelty Free Vegan Plastic Free
  • 100% Biodegradable and Compostable
  • Made entirely from loofah plant layers
  • Deeply exfoliating to leave your skin refreshed and super soft
  • Multi-purpose - Can be used as a cleaning loofah too!

Product Description

Exfoliating Heart Shaped Bath Loofah 

Deeply exfoliate your skin with our heart shaped bath loofah. The fibres are packed together firmly for a thorough cleanse, helping you to refresh and unclog your pores for skin that's super soft and smooth to tough. Use alongside your favourite shower gel during bath or shower time. 

Directions for use:

  • When the loofah arrives it will be hard, dry, and flat. Wet with warm water, and the loofah will puff out. 
  • Lather up with your favourite body wash, and scrub over your body.
  • To keep your loofah fresh between uses, rinse and squeeze out excess water and hang dry from the cotton string loop.

Why we love this loofah!

Skin in need of some serious detoxifying? We love that this hear shaped loofah deeply exfoliates skin, ridding of dead skin cells, and unclogging blocked pores to reveal super soft and revitalised skin. 

Our loofah is also made entirely from natural biodegradable and compostable ingredients. Made from loofah plant layers that have been hand-stitched together to ensure top notch quality. 

Top Tip: Our loofah isn't just for exfoliating your can also use it for washing up! It's non-scratch so great for scrubbing your non-stick pans clean. 

Please note: this is a natural, exfoliating product. Loofahs can vary in hardness and texture, and may be rougher than synthetic bath accessories. 

Why swap to a plastic-free loofah?

Did you know most sponges are made of plastic? Which means, unfortunately, every time you wash up micro-plastics are getting into the ocean. Rest assured each time you use our loofah, if any parts of it ends up down the drain it will completely biodegrade leaving no impact what so ever on our environment. 

The loofah plants used are sustainably farmed in Sri Lanka.

For more information about our eco-labels, click here.

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