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Commercial shampoos can not only contain a number of potentially harmful chemicals – which end up getting washed down the drain and making their way to marine life – but they also contain a great deal of plastic. At Ecovibe we have a range of fully plastic-free shampoos – from a range of shampoo bars to a collection of refillable options.

What shampoo is environmentally friendly?

Shampoos that do not contain plastics are the most eco-friendly option – as well as those that contain as many natural ingredients as possible. At Ecovibe we have our own range of shampoo bars which are 100% natural and plastic free, as well as produced in the UK.

Are shampoo bars eco-friendly?

Shampoo bars are considered to be eco-friendly as they contain no plastic and leave no waste behind once they are used. Our shampoo bars are also 100% natural and therefore you won’t have any nasty chemicals running down your drain.

Which shampoos do no contain plastic?

There are various options when it comes to choosing a plastic free shampoo. You can opt for a shampoo bar that produces zero waste, or a refillable option – so you can continue to reuse the same metal or glass bottle.

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