New vibe, same values

New vibe, same values

You’ll have probably noticed that we’ve been switching things up a bit recently. New funky font, an injection of colour, and all the positivity. Well after months of planning, and a few weeks of teasers, we’re pleased to launch a whole new vibe and now we’re here to shout it from the rooftops.  

It’s more than just a rebrand, it’s a whole new vibe. A vibe that helps us, and you - our fabulous customers, connect with our values. It’s all about changes that make you feel good, and help our planet too!

If all of us make small changes we can make a massive impact. That’s why we’re making sure customers are at the heart of what we do. 

We’ll be sharing stories from real customers and engaging you all with opportunities to do good. We’re building a tribe of like-minded and diverse individuals, united by our vibe.  

Our new vibe isn’t just ours, it’s yours too - so make sure you’re part of it!

We’ll help you make the right choices

We’re making changes to what you see, and what you don’t. Not only have we given things a new look, but also made some substantial behind the scenes changes too.

We’ve got the same values, but we’re challenging ourselves to do better. To reflect this, we’ve changed our mission statement. 

Our mission is to make choosing products that are less harmful to the planet as frictionless as possible.

To make it easy to share in the education and celebration of the small changes anybody can make to help reduce their impact on the planet.

This is something our whole team, and everyone we work with from suppliers to freelancers, believe in. It means more positive news and celebrating wins big and small.

You’ll see lots more activity on our blog and social media, and our packaging and product descriptions will help educate and inspire you. 

Small changes that can make shockwaves

We recognise that no one becomes an eco-friendly whiz overnight and that there are always ways to improve, adapt, and do more. Like any change in our lives, small and steady wins the race which is why we’re always looking to the future. 

That’s why our Vision has changed too. 

To make EcoVibe a brand and a space where we educate, facilitate, and celebrate any small change our community makes to reduce the harmful impact their lifestyle has on the planet.

You’ll notice some key elements to our new vibe. 

Education: we’re here to debunk the myths, help you understand your vegan from your cruelty-free, and help you spot the signs of greenwashing. 

Facilitation: whether it’s helping you to find tree planting or litter picking initiatives in your area, or helping you find your eco-allies, we gotchu! 

Celebration: finding good eco news can be challenging. There’s a lot of doom and gloom. Let us be your go-to haven on the internet for good news stories from across the UK and further afield. 

Community: we want to help everybody make small changes and be as inclusive and diverse as possible. That’s why you’re at the heart of what we do and why we want to make our products as affordable as possible. 

New products, fresh new look

We realise that eco-friendly products can look pretty boring. There’s always a lot of browns and muted tones, and hey, up until now we were guilty of that too. But there’s no reason for it to be that way. That’s why all our new packaging is brighter and more colourful, but no less eco-friendly. 

We’ve realised that eco doesn’t need to equal dull, and we hope our new look will bring a smile to your faces. 

We’re also launching a bunch of new products, focusing first on an expanded range of household cleaning products. If you haven’t already, making a switch to eco-friendly cleaning products can reduce your plastic and your carbon emissions and is better for you and your loved ones as there are no hidden nasties like bleaches and solvents. 

Coming soon

As well as expanding our range of eco-friendly products, we’ll be sharing more and more ways for our customers to get involved with EcoVibe. From rewards to ways to do good, we’re bringing you along for the ride. 

Got that EcoVibe vibe? 

We hope you’re as excited as we are, and love our new look, feel, and vibe. 

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