Biodegradable cleaning product guide

Biodegradable cleaning product guide

Biodegradable is a buzzword that we hear a lot! 

But what does biodegradable mean, and how can we use biodegradable products in our everyday lives?

Here, we explain what biodegradable really means, and why you should be cautious about the products that are advertised as biodegradable, (luckily we have our eco-labels to make this clear for you), and how simple swaps to your house cleaning routine can make a big impact on the planet. 

What does biodegradable really mean?

In short, biodegradable means that an item can be broken down by bacteria, fungi, or microbes. Obvious examples include a lot of food and plant waste, which you’ll pop into your compost bin and see, quite quickly, that they start to break down. 

However, in theory, most things are biodegradable, but they just take a really long time. You might have heard of biodegradable plastic for example. Despite the biodegradable label, plastic bags were still able to carry shopping three years after being buried in the ground, or submerged in seawater, and they need very specific conditions in order to break down.

At EcoVibe, we’re never going to greenwash you with misleading biodegradable labels. 

That’s why, when we use the word biodegradable, we mean a bit more. 

To us, biodegradable means something can break down into natural materials and be reabsorbed into the surrounding environment, without causing pollution. And this is why a lot of our products can be popped into your compost bin.

What are biodegradable cleaning products? 

Our biodegradable cleaning products are made using naturally derived, usually plant-based, materials that are easy to break down, and don’t cause pollution!

They’re products that you’ll recognise like sponges, bin liners, cleaning brushes and laundry detergent strips but instead of creating pollutants, filling landfills, and damaging the environment, they just break down.

Take our compostable sponges for example. They look pretty similar to their plastic counterparts but are plastic-free, compostable and biodegradable. 

Plus, we’re so confident that you’ll love them that if you don’t we’ll give you your money back.  

Why should I switch to biodegradable cleaning? 

Those pesky microplastics crop up where you least expect them.

See the blue-green bits at the bottom of your sponge? Yep, you guessed it, microplastics. 

Have you ever noticed how many fall off and go down the drain - Every time, right?

Well, that means they go straight into our water systems and end up living in our oceans forever, and then when the sponge is ready to be thrown away it ends up in trash.

Toilet brushes and washing up brushes are similar with their fibres being released into our water systems. 

Plastic doesn’t just pollute at the end of its use either, producing plastic tends to involve fossil fuels which by definition aren’t sustainable and the processes release between 170g to 350g of carbon when producing just a 100g of plastic (about the weight of a dish brush). That’s why we make our cleaning products from plants that are sustainable sourced. 

Our coconut fibre dish brushes are made from sustainably farmed coconut husks (the rough outside of a coconut) and have a beechwood handle. Beech is fast growing, so easily regrown. 

Ever realised that loofahs are actually a type of plant? Well now, you can go back to basics with a loofah actually made from a loofah plant, which is again, farmers sustainably. 

By making simple switches, you’re helping the environment throughout the production process, throughout your time using it, right through to when you throw it away. 

Ready to make the switch? Here are some of our favourite cleaning products

As well as the products we’ve mentioned above, there are a few more products that are definitely worth a mention. 

Our Compostable Sponge Cleaning Cloths are a great reusable and washable alternative to kitchen roll, wipes, and sponges and are made using wood fibre and cotton. Not only can you use them again and again, and even clean them in the dishwasher, but once you’re done with them, they can go in the compost. 

Laundry Detergent Strips are a great replacement for bottled detergent (that wastes a lot of energy being transported from A to B).

They have a 94% lower carbon footprint than liquid and powder detergents, and are able to completely break down completely in your wash! Unlike a lot of laundry detergents that require bleach to clean effectively, these strips have readily biodegradable ingredients that won’t cause harm to aquatic life. 

We’ve also made sure our labelling is clear, so you should start to see biodegradable stickers appearing on our product images. You can check out our full cleaning range here.

So, now you should be pretty confident that you understand what biodegradable means, and when to be wary of something greenwashing itself. Plus hopefully you’ll be inspired to try some biodegradable cleaning products if you haven’t made the switch already. 

Love our compostable sponges? Crazy about our loofahs? Then we’d love to hear all about it so make sure you let us know in the comments or tag us in social media. 

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