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Hemp Soap Saver Pouch

Hemp Soap Saver Pouch

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This handy 100% natural fibres soap saver pouch is an amazing way to make your soap last longer- saving you money whilst also saving the planet!

  • Easier to grip your soap
  • Use up soap scraps
  • Biodegradable

Product Description

Hemp Soap Saver Pouch

This handmade soap saver is vegan, all natural and plastic-free- and you can’t get much better for the environment than that!

How to Care for Them

  • To get the most use out of your soap saver, always hang to dry after use.
  • When you think it needs a clean wash with a normal load on cool, dry flat, and reuse time and time again!
  • When it comes to the end of its time, cut up into tiny scraps and put into a compost bin.
  • For more information about our eco-labels, click here.

Why We Love the Hemp Soap Saver Pouch

These 100% natural soap saver pouches are such a great buy, reusable and long lasting, they will help make your soaps last longer. No more soap residue on the side of the bath with this soap pouch you can simply hang up your soap in the shower for easy drying.

It's easier to grip your soap and create a lovely lather whilst gently exfoliating. No soap is wasted either as you can use up soap scraps by popping them into your pouch!

Why Swap to the Hemp Soap Saver Pouch

The problem with bath poufs is that they end up getting thrown away, which means they will ultimately sit for hundreds or even thousands of years in landfill. Worse still, the plastic microfibres used to make them get washed down the drain every time we use it and enter the local water source.

Unlike its nasty plastic counterparts, these brilliant soap saver pouches are made from totally natural hemp plants. That means no more plastic microfibres that will be around forever!

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Customer Reviews

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M Silvina Marizcurena

Great quality and it lasts longer that thought