For every product sold, Plastic Punks will rescue 1 plastic bottle from nature

For every product sold during #PLASTICFREEJULY
we'll pick up 2 bottles

Plastic Punks are the first mass market plastic action brand, on a mission to see #noplasticinnature


Good news for carbon emissions

Plastic Positivity

Planting trees to offset carbon sounds like a good idea, until you realise a newly-planted tree can take as many as 20 years to capture the amount of CO2 that a carbon-offset scheme promises.

We don't have decades to wait.

Removing and recycling plastic from nature has immediate benefits for carbon emissions:

  1. Reduces the amount of CO2 emitted from the degrading plastic
  2. Reduces CO2 emission production through the use of recycled plastic instead of new plastic
  3. Supports thriving ecosystems that remove CO2 from the atmosphere.

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Every year each individual uses on average 44Kg plastic per year - with the exception of about 8% that get recycled – this is then incinerated or dumped in the rivers, oceans and lakes.

8 million pieces of plastic per day are dumped into the ocean, rivers and lakes, joining the 526 trillion pieces already there.

Plastic Positivity

Plastic Punks enables companies and individuals to become plastic positive by offsetting their plastic use and more. The Punks then rescue plastic directly from the environment and allow companies and individuals to keep track of the positive impact they're making.

Throughout July, Plastic Punk will DOUBLE the amount of plastic collected for EcoVibe customers.

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