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We’re making our packing system better

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We’re really excited to share with you that we’ve just updated our packing and fulfilment system. Yes, we know this sounds like a dry subject but we promise it’s not as boring as it sounds!

For those of you have been with us since the beginning, you’ll know that EcoVibe started as a group of friends with a shared passion for the environment. We kept all our stock and packed all your parcels in our office before marching over to the Post Office with a sack over each of our shoulders, like a band of Santa’s elves.

Then, with the help of all your support, EcoVibe was able to grow. We developed our product range (we’re on the way to a thousand products now!), brought in a few lovely extra team members and were joined by a fantastic, dedicated team to pack all your parcels and make sure they arrive with you safely.

But we couldn’t stop there! As we got more and more orders in, we realised that we needed more efficient systems: our retro notepads, spreadsheets and emails weren’t going to cut it anymore. So, we’ve moved over to an amazing new system with two key benefits:

Keeping an eye on our stock

We know how frustrating it can be to open emails saying ‘Sorry, you can’t have that item you were really excited to receive because we’ve oversold’! Our new system is great because it automatically synchronises our stock levels, meaning we can keep your favourite products in and helps avoid overselling items too.

Keeping our teams better connected

This new system will also help our lovely customer service team keep in contact with our fulfilment team better. We’re a social bunch here, so we’re sure you can imagine that we love to stay in touch with each other! But as our business has got busier (a big thank you, again!) we needed a more efficient system. Now, our customer service team will be better equipped to make any amends to your orders and keep track of your shipping updates.

Thank you again for your continued support, we couldn’t have made it here without you! We can’t wait to see how our company will grow in the future.

With love,

The EcoVibe team x

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