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Why buy recycled products?

You probably already know there’s so many benefits to buying recycled – but what are they exactly?

1.Reduces the amount of natural resources extracted from our lovely planet.

Coal covered hands, polluting the earth

By using recycled materials, we are avoiding virgin resources being used for manufacturing. It makes so much more sense to use the materials we already have. Especially if they are recyclable – it’s much better for the planet than throwing away things that would then need to be extracted again!

2. Reduces waste

Buying recycled means that material which would be otherwise wasted can be made into new products as there is a market demand for it. Therefore, by buying recycled, we decrease the demand for new materials and make recycled materials the cheaper option in the long-run (yay!).This helps to close the loop on the recycling process – preventing materials from ending up in landfill! Thankfully it’s become so much easier to find recycled materials these days. 

3. It sets a good example for others. 

Everybody knows that buying recycled is so much better for the environment, and if others see you doing your bit – hopefully, they will too! You can be happy knowing that you’re doing your bit to protect the planet from using its virgin resources.

4. Supports the circular economy for resources

A map of the earth with a circular economy symbol

Ideally, we would like resources to go around and around so that we have no need for virgin resources. By choosing to shop recycled materials over virgin, you are helping to support environmentally conscious businesses like ours. And with our lovely customers doing the right thing – we’re sure others will follow!

5. Saves Energy

Solar panels, wind turbines and electricity lines

Using recycled materials is much more energy efficient than creating products from new materials – which is so important due to the prevalence of fossil fuels still being used across manufacturing. By shopping recycled, we’re ensuring that there’s a decrease in energy being generated by fossil fuels which means less pollution – so cost efficient and energy efficient – it’s a win-win!

Buying recycled is a great way to start small and work your way up if you're wondering how to start your zero-waste journey! What do you like to buy recycled? Let us know in the comments below...



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