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Tea Tree & Clay Dog Shampoo Review

By Rebecca Pinder

When the word went out that we needed someone to test out our new Tea Tree & Clay Dog Shampoo bars, I had just the mucky pup in mind!

Margo, my three-year-old German Shorthaired Pointer, loves nothing more than diving into the nearest pond, stream, or even a deep enough puddle on walks! And although she loves swimming, she’s never been a fan of the bath. 

Truthfully, it’s been quite a while since her last proper one, I’ve been putting it off. She really hated the typical dog shampoo I’d used on her in the past and seemed to dislike the artificial fragrance left on her fur afterwards. Plus, I was nervous about using anything chemical on her sensitive skin, so I tended to just give her a rinse down with the hose after muddy walks. 

Hearing that our new dog shampoo was made of all-natural ingredients, contained no harmful chemicals AND smelled amazing... Frankly, it sounded too good to be true! I thought there had to be a downside…

Bath Time!

Margo in bath

I got Margo safely in the bathtub, prepared to turn on the water, and got ready for a struggle (this is where the trouble would usually start!). But this time was different. Immediately, she was distracted and seemed really interested in the bar (I even caught her sneakily trying to take a few nibbles!) – a great start, 1-0 shampoo bars.

"Not sure whether to wash with it or eat with it"

Not sure whether to wash with it or eat with it

With Margo suitably calm, I got to work. Before trying out the bar, honestly, I was a little dubious about how it would work. I know clay is good for removing impurities from your skin, but how would it lather? Turns out I had nothing to worry about.



As soon as I wet the bar there were plenty of suds. The soap worked really well, and I didn’t have to use that much effort – just the same as liquid shampoo. 

The natural tea tree fragrance was lovely; refreshing, quite subtle but definitely there, and not overpowering like the usual chemically artificial shampoo fragrances. It smells like a product you’d get at the spa!

After using the bar all over, I rinsed the suds away.

Washing Margo & Franco the cat!

They rinsed off easily and quickly disappeared, leaving no residue behind. Straightaway I could see a difference to Margo’s fur. She had a great sheen and looked very sleek.


Even she (and Franco the cat) seemed impressed with the results!


The result – 10/10

I admit, I had some reservations before trying the shampoo bar out but I’m really impressed with how it worked. It lathered up really well, cleaned away any dirt, and left Margo’s fur clean, soft and smelling better than it has for ages! Best of all, I feel much better knowing it’s not harming or drying out her skin. Next time she decides to throw herself into a bog, she’ll be getting a lovely warm bath straight after!

But wait, what about humans?

The other good news is that the shampoo bars are suitable for people too! So, after seeing how well it worked on Margo, and in the interests of a fair test, I thought I’d try it out on myself!

I started bleach my hair a few months ago and ever since it’s been a bit dry and lacklustre. Chemical products don’t seem to help it much, especially in the recent humidity, so I was interested to see how a natural product would do.

I could feel an immediate difference after washing my hair with the shampoo bar. It felt clean, but moisturised. Not dry and tangled like it sometimes was previously.

I left it to dry naturally and soon I had soft, bouncy hair, without a hint of residue or waxiness. It even enhanced the natural curl I have, all with any additional product! I’ll definitely be using it again – that’s if I can get it away from Margo!  

 EcoVibe's dog shampoo

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