Rainforest protection update

Rainforest protection update

This past year, together we saved an incredible 1563 acres of rainforest through our partnership with the Rainforest Trust and our customers’ purchases. We couldn’t be happier that you’ve chosen us for your eco needs, and that together we’ve been able to make such a massive contribution to this incredibly important cause. We protect 6 square metres of rainforest for every pound spent, which means we absolutely could not have achieved this milestone without our wonderful customers! 😊

We’ve already posted before about why we chose to partner with the Rainforest Trust, but we realise that many of you may be eager to find out exactly how the money we donate from your purchases helps protect rainforests. So without further adue, where exactly does the money go?

How The Rainforest Trust Works

Our donation money funds protection for threatened rainforests and tropical habitats which provide safe havens for endangered wildlife, and increased security for indigenous communities, as well as help fight the impact of climate change. But how exactly is this achieved?

The Rainforest Trust (TRT) purchases threatened tropical forests and protects endangered wildlife through partnerships and engagement with local communities and NGOs. Through these partnerships TRT is able to monitor and ensure real results through long-term protection. They do this in 4 steps;

  1. They establish partnerships with experienced conservationists - these are the most knowledgeable people on the topic across different regions.
  2. Together, they identify critical areas that permanently house endangered species, and which are under immediate threat, such as from loggers.
  3. The Rainforest Trust then works with their partners (NGOs and local communities) to develop realistic and effective conservation plans.
  4. Finally, NGOs work closely with their local governments and communities to formally establish reserves that will protect the land and it's inhabitants.

So, what exactly is an NGO?

NGOs are non-governmental organisations. These are based in countries where the Rainforest Trust have identified critical areas. NGOs have the ability to to work with local governments and build strong relationships with local communities. They help the Rainforest Trust’s partners be able to successfully purchase land and carry out projects. They monitor and run reserves, and offer community education and outreach programmes for locals to get involved in. One of the main and most important outreach programmes covers employment training for local people to become forest guards, eco-guides and wildlife monitors. Without NGOs, the Rainforest Trust's work wouldn't be possible!

Which NGOs does the Rainforest Trust work with?

The Rainforest Trust works with NGOs all across the world. The following are a select few to give you a decent understanding of the kind of organisations TRT work with. For a full list of the Rainforest Trust's NGO partners, check out the partners section of their website 😊.

Adopta – Peru:

Adopta promotes the conservation of forests and their sustainable use for the benefit of the people and wildlife of Panama. This is achieved through education initiatives and research projects which strive to improve an understanding of biology, ecology and management strategies across the Panama people. Adopta is aided by many students and volunteers.

Friends of Wildlife – Myanmar:

The Rainforest Trust is currently working with Friends of Wildlife on building the Mahamyaing Wildlife Sanctuary, with the aim of creating a stronghold for the Eastern Hoolock Gibbon, a vulnerable species whose populations have been declining due to habitat destruction and hunting for meat.

Fundación ProAves – Columbia:

The Rainforest Trust supports several ProAves projects, which provide critical habitat care for endangered species in Colombia's most threatened ecosystems. This is achieved via conservation action and outreach within local communities, with a recent example being their creation of the El Jaguar reserve.

Tanzania Forest Conservation Group (TFCG) – Tanzania:

TFCG's mission is to protect and restore the biodiversity of Tanzania's forests, many of which are globally important and vital for both current and future generations.


We hope this gives you a good idea of the kind of work the Rainforest Trust carries out, and in turn the environmental projects your shopping is funding! Once again, thank you so much from the whole EcoVibe team for helping us support such lifechanging eco initiatives. For more news and developments on the latest conservation projects TRT is orchestrating, be sure to check out their blog.

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