Introducing Waken Mouthcare: An interview with the founders

Introducing Waken Mouthcare: An interview with the founders

We’ve been launching loads of pretty incredible sustainable brands here at EcoVibe, and we’re now welcoming Waken Mouthcare to the family!

Waken is a luxury mouthcare brand that produces carbon-neutral, vegan, alcohol-free, and sustainably packaged mouthwash and toothpaste. 

We spoke to their founders, Simon and Rhodri about their brand, their ambitions for the next 12 months, and why sustainable mouthcare is the future. We’re also going to introduce you to the products that have just landed on our site, that includes toothpaste and mouthwash with a tasty twist.

What made you set up Waken Mouth care? 

Rhodri and Simon explain, “We set Waken up to create better dental care products. 

“The number of plastic toothpaste tubes that end up in landfills every year is utterly mind-boggling. In the UK, sources suggest it could be as high as 300 million tubes per year

“Waken exists to offer a more sustainable version for the future. We want Waken to contribute in a positive way towards industry progress and we want the products we sell to offer brilliant experiences at affordable prices in mainstream retailers.

“We’re also determined to offer the very best performance to consumers. All Waken products are carefully formulated with the best ingredients, and also carefully tested by clinical experts in order to ensure we really deliver to all the claims we make.”

We love to see changemakers revolutionising their industries, how important is it to you that your products are sustainable and eco-friendly?

Simon and Rhodri: “It’s hugely important to us. 

“If you look at the beauty industry today you will find a category that has been transformed by natural ingredients, and sustainable packaging and processes. When you compare this to the traditional products that regular dental brands are still selling, it very quickly becomes obvious the whole dental category is lagging so far behind. Creating more sustainable products should be the first priority of every brand.”

If you could recommend one product, as your hero product, what would it be and why?

Waken: “Peppermint Mouthwash 500ml. It’s intensely minty and refreshing and you can really taste the cool fresh natural peppermint that we use in this formula.”

“Typical mouthwash brands have been offering the same boring old products for as long as we can remember. With Waken’s new mouthwashes, we’re looking forward to shaking things up.” 


A lot of consumers might think that buying into eco-friendly products will compromise the quality of the product - how would you debunk this myth?  

Simon and Rhodri: “This is 100% not true. It’s exactly what we are trying to resolve with Waken Mouthcare. 

“All Waken’s products are formulated with fluoride to protect teeth and gums. They all undergo extensive clinical tests to ensure that they deliver top-quality performance. 

“In fact with Waken, if you consider that we’re the only major brand using actual real natural peppermint vs. artificial flavourings, you can see that eco-friendly products can actually be of better quality than the rest. 

“That’s the way it should be. People who want to buy more sustainable products should never have to pay more or feel they have to compromise on taste, experience, or effectiveness.” 

This all sounds fantastic, what are your goals for the year ahead?  

“Waken’s only just getting started. The products are so good, but currently, only a few hundred thousand people have ever tried them. We’re determined to become a major dental brand in the UK and around the world, so the main focus will be on building awareness for Waken and getting more people to buy into the brand for the first time.”

We love to hear it, here’s to a massive year for Waken, now let’s introduce you to their products. 

Waken mouthwash

When Waken launched in 2019, they launched with their mouthwash, which is now their superstar product. Award-winning, produced using natural ingredients, vegan, and carbon-neutral, we love to see it! 

UK made to the highest quality standards, Waken mouthwashes are in gorgeous packaging that will look amazing on your bathroom shelf. Their bottles are made using a blend of sustainable sugarcane and PCR (post-consumer recycled) plastic and just 20ml will keep your mouth clean and fresh for up to 12 hours. 

We must admit, we struggled to choose our favourites but with great challenge whittled their delicious natural flavours to four of our favourites. Mouthwash will be available in Strawberry & Mint Strawberry, Lemon & Mint, Spearmint, and Peppermint - and yes, we can confirm they are as delicious as they sound!

Waken toothpaste

As well as launching Waken’s award-winning range of mouthwash, we’re also going to be launching their toothpaste in the same flavours, so you can match your mouthwash and toothpaste (they come in matching colours too!).

Add a touch of luxury to your morning and pre-bed routine with gorgeous tasting and equally effective toothpaste. Their sustainable toothpaste packaging includes a tube made from recycled aluminium. Did you know, aluminium can be recycled endlessly once you’re done with it - just make sure you squeeze out all the toothpaste. 

Just like the mouthwash, it’s vegan and uses high-quality natural ingredients (no fake essences here!) They also contain fluoride that helps to protect against cavities. We’re pretty sure if you make the switch you won’t look back!

Why we love Waken

Small eco-friendly UK-based brands are our bread and butter and we love that Waken is really passionate about revolutionising the mouth care industry. We can’t wait to see them grow and to be a part of it by selling their products on our site. We think it’s going to be the start of a beautiful friendship. 

Ready to get started? Shop Waken now. 

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