Introducing Sniffe & Likkit: Getting to know their founders

Introducing Sniffe & Likkit: Getting to know their founders

At EcoVibe, we believe that an eco-friendly lifestyle isn’t just for us, it’s for our pets too. Let’s face it, for the vast majority of us, our pets have become our coworkers for the last 2 years - so they deserve some work perks and some R&R for all their hard work!

For this reason, we’re thrilled to be launching Sniffe & Likkit on the EcoVibe site, purveyors of UK made, sustainable pet care for your pooch. We spent some time getting to know their founders Lee and Judy to understand why they founded the company, their ethos, and what makes Sniffe & Likkit extra special. 

We’re then going to introduce you to the products that you can now buy alongside your favourite eco-friendly products when you’re shopping on our site. 

What inspired you to set up Sniffe & Likkit? 

“We came from the beauty and personal care industries and we saw an opportunity to upgrade the quality and selection of products when it came to making sure your dog looks, feels and smells amazing”

Lee and Judy realised that some of the products available were “more suitable for cleaning the kitchen sink” and Sniffe & Likkit was created to “celebrate the joy of pets”. Think beautifully scented, luxurious, and eco-friendly products in sustainable packaging. 

What can customers expect from Sniffe & Likkit? 

As well as multi-award-winning products Sniffe & Likkit have designed them to look as good as anything you’d have on display on your bathroom shelf. Originally the product range centred on grooming, but now the team have created accessories and even a gifting range. 

How important is sustainability?

Lee explains that the range is “naturally scented, comes in recyclable packaging, and uses essential oils that have grassy and woody aromas” - the essence of what makes dogs our four-legged best friends. 

Aluminium has the potential to be infinitely recyclable, something they use across a lot of their products. 

Plus, they’re not just about recycling, they’re also passionate about reuse and upcycling. Take the bottle for “Give A Dog Cologne” which can be reused to spritz and hydrate houseplants - we love to see it!

We love how Sniffe & Likkit are creating something special and unique for the pet industry and can’t wait to see how they grow and influence real change. Now let’s meet their products! 


Fab Paw

Does your dog suffer from cracked paws? When the weather is particularly hot or cold or if your pup spends a lot of time outside then it’s likely that at some point they’ll suffer from sore paws. Fab Paw has been created with natural ingredients to calm, soothe, and condition dry skin and soothe minor irritations. The formula is 99.8% natural and vegan friendly too, plus it comes in a handy aluminium tin that can be easily recycled, or you could use it as a place to store treats for long walks. 

Give A Dog Cologne

Looking for that post-wash little something extra? Enter doggy cologne made from a blend of therapeutic essential oils. It’s naturally deodorising, comes in recyclable aluminium packaging and has soothing and calming properties - pure doggy bliss!


No Rinse Charming

Looking for something truly revolutionary? No Rinse Charming is a waterless wash. Lee and Julie at Sniffe & Likkit had seen from the self-care and beauty industry that one of the big issues with human hair washing is the length of time we spend in the shower, generating lots of hot water. They had a lightbulb moment, surely the same was true for dogs too! 

Their doggy dry shampoo avoids flushing anything down the drain, no hot water is wasted, and it’s simply a quick and easy way to keep your dog clean on the go. 

Plus the formula is 100% natural and contains a bunch of gorgeously nourishing ingredients for a healthy coat. 

Glove My Dog

When you do bathe your dog, upgrade their old towel with a super-soft lightweight towel glove to get your dog dry quickly and easily. 

Bamboo is a great alternative to cotton, using up a lot less water and it’s really fast-growing so replaces itself efficiently. Glove My Dog contains a blend of bamboo fibres to create a hypoallergenic and antibacterial towel in a size that will suit most dogs. 

Why we love Sniffe & Likkit

We’re obsessed with finding fabulous independently owned UK based companies and we celebrate innovation. Erasing water waste from keeping your dog clean and fresh? We love to see it! Plus we love how they’ve built sustainable practices into what they create, from using recyclable aluminium and paper to providing fun and quirky ways to use their products - just a few ways of making sustainability accessible and fun. 

So, we’ve introduced you to the fabulous Sniffe & Likkit founders Lee and Judy and dug deeper into what Sniffe & Likkit do for our dogs and how they help us to make more eco-friendly choices. We’ve learned some tips for reusing their packaging because when it’s this stylish it would be a shame to put it in the recycling bin and introduced you to their products. Ready to give doggy dry shampoo a go? What are you waiting for? Make sure you send us your doggy bathtime pics! 


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