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How to have a sustainable staycation

Staying in the UK is becoming super popular again for loads of reasons including safety due to the current situation, cost and very importantly, environmental concerns.

We've put together a short guide on how you can have the most sustainable staycation yet - check it out!

Choosing your destination

Choosing a staycation means that you can minimise your carbon footprint as you won’t need to travel as far. Try visiting the attractions and hidden gems you’ve never had time for in your own town, city or country.

Camping is about as sustainable as staycation trips can get as you’ll use much less water and electricity than in your daily life and you’ll get to feel much closer to nature too! Take reusable items like cups, cutlery and bags too and you’re on to a real winner. If you can try to walk or even bike to your local attractions instead of using the car, even better. The toasted marshmallows are a huge bonus too 😉

If you’re not looking to sleep beneath the stars, look out for boutique hotels and independents in the areas.

Isle of Lewis, Scotland, UK - August 10th 2018: Campervan Road Trip to the Outer Hebrides

The best way to get there

Have you ever come home from a vacation feeling more exhausted than you were before you left? Rushing from one tourist destination to another can get pretty hectic but don’t worry, there’s a grassroots cure for that slowly emerging as a solution: slow travel. Take in and appreciate your surroundings at a relaxed pace and focus less on the manic sightseeing.

If you’re taking a particularly long journey by car, motorhome or even flying across the country, why not consider offsetting your emissions? Worldwide tourism accounts for 8% of the total greenhouse gases and even a return trip from Edinburgh to Newquay by plane generates around a third of a tonne of CO2 emissions.

Remember that the lighter the luggage the lighter car, train or plane too, which means less fuel is burnt as you travel to your destination. Avoid packing those travel-sized plastic bottles if you can too, as all the plastic really adds up! These days you can get solid versions of everything from shampoo to toothpaste don’t count as part of your liquid allowance either.

If you’re bringing any extra toilet paper, napkins and snacks, recycle any excess packaging before you set off. The places you travel to might not have very good facilities to deal with extra waste from tourists or you mind find it’s just challenging to local recycling points too.

Devon scones with clotted cream and jam

Being a responsible guest

Sample your local food! The UK has no shortage of weird and wonderful dishes from Scottish haggis to Cornish pastries to Bakewell tarts. Choosing to buy your food locally (whether that’s in shops or restaurants) eliminates the need for fuel-intensive transportation and enables you to support your local businesses.

Did you know, an on-site laundry requires up to 15% of a hotel’s water usage? That’s a lot! If you’re staying any hotels, keep options to change your sheets and towels to a minimum where you can.

Coming home

When we visit a new place, it’s a totally sweet gesture to pick up a little something for your nearest and dearests who’ve been kindly looking after your cats and watering the plants. If you’re shopping for souvenirs, look for products that have been made in the local areas so that you can put your money back into the lovely place that’s hosted you.

Don’t be shy to ask questions about where an item made and what from – most independents will love talking about their products and you’ll get to paint a stronger picture of how sustainable and ethical your souvenir is.

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