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Black Lives Matter

EcoVibe stands in solidarity with Black Lives Matter and those fighting for justice for George Floyd.

George Floyd, an unarmed Black man was murdered by the police (yes, again) in Minnesota last week. Devastatingly, this is not a single, one-off story but one of thousands, representing hundreds of years of institutional and structural racism and oppression against the Black community.

Thousands of people are marching and demonstrating peacefully for justice of victims of murder and their voices must be heard. We should not be calling this situation ‘rioting’ – no violence would have come if the justice system had done what they’re put in place to do: protect. Instead, they have pushed back with yet more violence.

We shouldn't kid ourselves into thinking this is solely an American problem. Racism isn’t ‘out there’, it’s everywhere and there are too many ways this shows up in our normalised, everyday behaviour.

Please begin having those uncomfortable conversations you have been avoiding with your problematic friends, family and co-workers, those are the conversations that will change the world. We ALL need to stand up.

We are grieving with you – for George Floyd and all the people who suffer at the hands of prejudice and violence. We have donated to Stand Up To Racism and if you’re in a position to donate yourself, here are some other organisations you can also check out:

Support George Floyd’s family

Help cover the funeral and burial expenses, mental and grief counselling, lodging and travel for all court proceedings, and to assist the family in the days to come as they continue to seek justice.

Black Visions Collective

Support a black, trans and queer-led organisation that is “dedicated to Black liberation and to collective liberation”.

Reclaim the Block

This organisation is committed to moving money from the police force to help support other areas of the community in Minneapolis.

The Minnesota Freedom Fund 

Help provide funds for protesters who have been arrested and need to pay bail in order to avoid being imprisoned.

The Bail Project 

These guys also provide funds to pay bail “to prevent incarceration and combat racial economic disparities in the bail system”.

The Movement for Black Lives 

Support a global initiative that aims to create for black organisations to conduct conversations about current political conditions.

We should all be taking the time to listen and learn. If you have any suggestions for further reading, please do leave them in the comment below too 🖤

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