Accessorise your cleaning cupboard

Accessorise your cleaning cupboard

Why is it that our cleaning cupboards are the least tidy parts of our homes?

Miscellaneous bottles, sponges, and a jar of something you didn’t even remember was in there. We’ve all been there. Luckily, we’ve got you covered with some tips to organise your cleaning materials, jazz them up a bit, and also help them last longer. 

We’ll show you how to style your cleaning cupboard (we’re going there!), get things organised, keep your cleaning accessories safe from damage, and we’ve even got your washing up accessories covered too! 

Before you know it you’ll have a cleaning cupboard that will make Mrs Hinch and Marie Kondo green with envy. 

Style your cleaning cupboard

Those pesky plastic bottles of cleaning products in mismatched colours that are all different shapes, and sizes, look a total mess. Invest in a set of glass spray bottles that are all one colour, clear or amber, and suddenly your cleaning cupboard will look a lot more put together. 

With them all being the same size, they’ll all need the same shelf to sit on - so it’s one size fits all! 

Organise your cleaning products by use or room

If you’ve ever watched or read any Marie Kondo, you’ll know how satisfying her various drawer and shelf organisers are. 

Spend time thinking about what you use where? Perhaps you need a kitchen kit, a bathroom kit, and a kit just for your floors and windows. This will help you know what you have at any one time, meaning you know more easily when something needs refilling, and prevent you from buying something you don’t need. 

If you only have a high cupboard at your disposal or have any mobility issues, it can be hard to know what’s at the back of your cupboard, so having things in boxes makes them a lot more accessible and easy to pull out. 

Plus if you’ve got a partner or kid whose excuse is they don’t know what to use where, you’ll have a ready-made kit so they can get cleaning!

Some of our products can be put to use in multiple rooms, so why not invest in a four-pack of our compostable cleaning sponges and spread them across your at-home cleaning kits?

Spend some time adding hooks and shelves

Bigger items like your hoover, mop and bucket, and laundry drying rack can get in the way. If you’ve got the space to store them in a certain room, under the stairs, or in some kind of pantry, why not spend some time creating some hooks and shelves that are fit for purpose? 

You’ll be able to give the items a place to live, keep them organised, and you won’t find yourself constantly having to move the hoover to get to something. 

It’s remarkable how much space you can save by hanging items up or popping them on shelves. 

Protect your products

We’ve all been there, we’ve opened our cleaning cupboard and found a miscellaneous spill of something that’s leaking. You give it a sniff, is it some harmless cleaner or is it bleach? Who knows. 

Stop spills and help your glass bottles last a lifetime with silicone bottle boots. You’ll keep your bottles safe, won’t scratch your shelf, and you can add a pop of colour to your bottle. We love the idea of colour coding by use or room, that way you always know what you’re using and where you need to use it. 

Snazz up your dishwashing

Not all cleaning products are created equal, so you won’t always have cleaning products that get to live in your newly clean and tidy cleaning cupboard. 

Let’s face it, a box of what you need for your washing up bowl that’s hidden away isn’t sensible, it’s better to keep it on the counter. 

Luckily we’ve got that covered too. Invest in some natural sponges and a matching wooden brush. They look great, are of course eco-friendly with compostable sponges and washing up gloves and a biodegradable washing-up brush with a replaceable head. 

Feeling ready for your spring clean? We’ve covered our latest cleaning accessories and suggested ways for you to create a much tidier cleaning cupboard. You’ll know where to find things, they’ll be accessible, and you’ll be more aware of when things are running out or need refilling. We’ve also covered how to protect your cleaning products and help things like our glass bottles last longer and introduced you to our squeaky clean dishwashing kit. We think we’ve got your cleaning sorted, don’t you? 

If you end up falling head over heels for our bottle boots or think our dishwashing kit has made your kitchen sink the envy of your neighbours then we’d love to hear about it! Tag us in your social media pics and videos or let us know in the comments below. 

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