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A Warning About Using Natural Sunscreens

The title of this article might come as a surprise to you, given the launch of our new addition to EcoVibe: Shade All Natural Sunscreen. However, it’s important information you’ll definitely need if you’re planning to soak up the sun this summer.

This sunscreen should be applied generously at least every 2-3 hours or after exposure to water or sweating. Also, we’d also highly recommend people avoid exposure to sun during the hours of 11am and 3pm when the sun is at its strongest. Shade is not a sunblock or waterproof, and it shouldn’t be used as such.

Understanding Sun Protection Factor (SPF)

SPF is a measurement of sunburn protection, which primarily comes from UVB rays. If your skin would normally burn in 10 minutes under the sun, wearing SPF 25 would theoretically allow you to stay in the sun for 250 minutes (10 x 25) without burning. Lots of people think that by simply reapplying frequently their sun cream will allow them to stay in the sun for longer and longer – this isn’t the case!

SPF means that the protection is 96% - that also means 4% of rays are still reaching the skin! Unlike many chemical sunscreens, Shade does not contain any burn inhibitors which switch off the burning sensations. If you feel you’re beginning to burn, it’s your body’s warning that you’ve been exposed too long, and you should cover up with more clothing or move out of the sun all together.

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What is ‘adequate coverage’?

Any sunscreen should be applied adequately - approximately one shot glass full of sunscreen per average adult body is considered appropriate for full coverage, half a teaspoon's worth for a face - that seems a lot, but when you halve this amount and use less than required, you are actually square-rooting the SPF rendering an SPF25 for example into an SPF5; an SPF50 into SPF7! So shying away from the 'whiteness' which is the zinc oxide active ingredient layer, means you are minimising the efficacy of the product.

Why do EcoVibe sell All Natural Sun Screen?

We love it! It’s completely plastic free, for many it's the only sunscreen they can use due to allergies to other sunscreen ingredients and has been tested to EU standards on human subjects in laboratory and real conditions. It is proven to work as a safe and effective broad spectrum SPF25 sunscreen when used appropriately.

Shade all natual sunscreen

Check it out here.

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