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5 Ways to Go Plastic-Free in the Bathroom

Plastic Free July is well under way with the aim of tackling the worldwide plastic problem facing all of us. This month is the perfect opportunity to start being more conscious of the plastic you consume and make a concerted effort to cut back your usage.

The bathroom is a great place to start as it’s undoubtedly one of the places where we use the most single-use plastic; from cotton buds to toothpaste, it’s time to go green in the bathroom! Read below for our handy tips!

1. Refill

Invest in glass bottles and you never have to worry about single-use plastic again! They’re great for cleaning products, as well as body care items, such as shampoo and body wash. Check out your local refill shop today!

Reusable Glass Bottles

2. Bars (we’re not talking chocolate, unfortunately)

Another way to cut out plastic in the bathroom is by switching to bars, and believe us, there’s a bar for everything; shampoo, body wash, cleanser, moisturising, plus more! Our shampoo bars last longer than most traditional shampoos and are better for you and the environment.

Shampoo Bars

3. Throw away items – throw them away (so to speak, of course!)

Think about all of the items in your bathroom that you use once then throw away; cotton buds, razors, floss… the list goes on and it has a negative impact on the environment. There’s an eco-friendly alternative for most things these days, so do your research before reaching for your usual bathroom staples – bamboo cotton buds are a great place to start!

Bamboo Cotton Buds

4. Re-use

It’s friendly for the planet and also your purse! Some great reusable items for the bathroom include makeup remover pads, they’re softer and kinder to your skin than face wipes and will save you money over time as they can last years. Another hero reusable product is our stainless steel razor, which gives a clean shave, while being eco-friendly.

Reusable Makeup PadsSteel Safety Razor

5. Clean it up

Don’t forget cleaning products! Most cleaning items are packaged in single-use plastic and contain toxic ingredients. Look for alternatives to your everyday cleaning essentials, such as toilet bombs or our best-selling plastic-free cleaning sachets – your bathroom will shine!

Eco Friendly Bathroom Cleaner
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