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EcoVibe in the press!

We’re super excited to share that we’ve been featured in a number of articles over the past month including The Independent - eek! Check out all the places you might have seen us...

The Independent - How to clean your home while self-isolating 

"We’d suggest the bumper cleaning box, for £31.49... you’ll receive a plastic-free package of antibacterial cleaning sachets, dissolvable laundry detergent strips, a coconut scrub pad, compostable sponges twin pack and 50-litre compostable bin bags once every two months."

Check out our recommended bumper cleaning box here!

Country Living - 17 eco-friendly cleaning products for a chemical-free routine

"If you've been wanting to switch your regular cleaning bottles for reusable glass ones, these will help. Just fill your bottle up with water, drop in one of these pods and shake until it's dissolved. You'll never have to worry about adding another plastic cleaning bottle to landfill again – and they're made from non-toxic, plant-based materials. Win win."

You can shop our antibacterial soluble cleaning sachets here!

HELLO! Magazine - 5 eco-friendly companies helping you to live more sustainably in 2020

"Discover eco-friendly alternatives to all your household essentials at EcoVibe, which promises to help you remove plastic from your life without changing your lifestyle. Popular products include everything from compostable bin liners and wooden dish brushes to all-natural sunscreen and plastic-free cleaning sachets."

Click the links to shop our bin liners, wooden dish brushes, sunscreen and cleaning sachets.

The Earth Issue - Easy zero waste swaps for your home, pt 2

"Eco Vibe is a Yorkshire based online store for ethical household and self-care products... Their signature True Essentials Collection features compostable sponges made from wood, compostable coconut scrub pads, reusable makeup remover pads and sustainably -grown bamboo cotton buds. Let’s talk sponges for a second, I have tried many eco alternatives and none have worked out - they either fall apart, are stiff as a board or don’t lather. You can’t imagine how pleased I am finding an eco sponge that is not just durable and malleable but biodegradable and made from sustainable and renewable wood."

Shop our signature True Essentials Collection here!

Leeds Living - EcoVibe: Reducing Plastic in Leeds and Beyond

"I spoke to a few members of the EcoVibe team to hear about their business journey and their goals for the future."

Find out more about us through the link above!

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