Biodegradable Bin Bags

      5 products

      5 products

      Switching out your standard bin liners to compostable and biodegradable alternatives is a simple switch you can make to reduce plastic waste. Our range of biodegradable bin liners are perfect for food waste bins and general bins – they are made from 100% plant materials meaning they will break down to nothing. You don’t have to worry about your bag ripping or leaking as these bin liners have a super strong design and a reinforced base – as we know there is nothing worse than a leaking bin liner!  

      Are biodegradable bin liners good?  

      Our biodegradable bin liners are not only eco-friendly but also super strong! This means you can reduce your plastic waste whilst still knowing your bin liner isn’t going to split and have its contents leaking all over.  

      How long do bin bags take to biodegrade?  

      ‘Normal’ plastic bin bags are estimated to take up to hundreds of years to degrade. However, when switching to biodegradable bin bags you can be reassured that they take typically under two years to biodegrade.  

      Can you put compostable bags in the food bin? 

      Yes, you are actually only supposed to use compostable bags in a food bin. These must be certified EN13432 – which our compostable bin liners are. They are also approved to be used for the council’s UK food waste collection.