Cleaning Refills, it’s as easy as 1, 2, 3!

Cleaning Refills, it’s as easy as 1, 2, 3!

Ever find yourself watching cleaning videos online and stumbled across a video of our cleaning Refills? It’s pretty satisfying, right? 

Watching them drop into a bottle of water, get shaken, disappear, and magically an eco-friendly cleaning solution is born. We love to see it too!

But, ever wondered how they work? Or why should you make the switch to cleaning refills? And, if eco-friendly cleaning refills actually work?

Well, let us answer all of your questions and tell you about some of our latest refills. We’re pretty sure you’ll be mixing up your own cleaning solutions in no time!

How do eco-friendly cleaning refills work? 

Cleaning refills contain a super-concentrated version of an eco-friendly cleaner. It’s all the active ingredients, without the water part!

A refill is a powerful cleaner that’s also plastic-free and doesn’t contain any toxic ingredients. The outer casing dissolves when it comes into contact with lukewarm water and because it’s plastic-free it doesn’t release any harmful micro-plastics. So all you need to do is shake, and hey presto, you’ve got your cleaning product!

Once added to water, you’ll have a cleaning solution that is just as effective as any other, but smells amazing and is made from up to 70% natural ingredients. 

Why should I make the switch?

When you buy a cleaning product that’s pre-mixed you’re transporting a lot of water, and it may be made overseas. Our cleaning refills are made in the UK and have a 94% lower carbon footprint than their bottled counterparts. 

Plus, you’re not producing more pesky plastic. Every time you buy a sachet, you prevent another plastic bottle from going to waste. You can use bottles you already have or invest in some glass bottles that can last a lifetime. 

Because they’re so small, refills are letterbox friendly too so you don’t need to stay in for the postman either.

Switching to eco-friendly cleaners doesn’t mean you’re not going to get your home as clean as Mrs Hinch, in fact, it’s quite the opposite. The cleaners are tough on germs, antibacterial, and tested on dirty homes all while being cruelty-free, SLS free, vegan, and made using RSPO certified sustainable palm oil. 

Great for your home, and super for the planet!

Our latest cleaning refills

We’re always trying to innovate here at EcoVibe, to make sure we add new, effective, eco-friendly cleaning products that our customers are asking for. 

Looking to spring clean your bathroom? Our Bathroom Cleaning spray refills include three refills of bathroom cleaner and 2 glass cleaning refills so you can clean your bathroom and get rid of those pesky watermarks from your bath and shower. 

Our bathroom cleaner is ylang-ylang scented and antibacterial so you can do a non-toxic deep clean in your bathroom. 

Our apple and mint-scented glass cleaner work on a variety of surfaces including mirrors, windows and shower doors to leave them sparkling.  


Looking to blitz your kitchen? Our kitchen cleaning spray kit includes a concentrated floor cleaner, an oven cleaner, and three antibacterial surface spray refills. 

We’ve got coconut and lime surface cleaners, a fragrance-free oven cleaner, and a sandalwood floor cleaner. They’re non-toxic too - something that we think is very important where food is prepared but still work effectively to tackle the everyday kitchen grease and grime while leaving your kitchen sparkling and clean. 


Get to know our toilet cleaner

Our toilet cleaner is a bit different to our other refills. You’ll notice that the sachet is filled with small pellets rather than gel and we sell it alongside a reusable squeezy plastic bottle - because we think that bottle works better for purpose. 

Like our other products, it’s super concentrated, cruelty-free, vegan, low carbon, non-toxic, and UK made so you can be assured you’ll get the same quality eco-friendly product. 

Did you know when you flush bleach down the loo it goes into our water systems? Well luckily, we’ve ensured our toilet cleaner is bleach-free but still amazingly effective.

It works in two stages. First, it provides an instant clean that descales, lifts dirt, and cleans so your loo is super shiny and fresh. It then continues to work by removing the food the bad (stinky!) bacteria thrive on so eliminates the odour the bad bacteria release. This means your bog will stay fresher for longer! 


So what have we learnt? We’ve learned that cleaning refills cut carbon by allowing us to transport a lot less product and they help us reuse bottles we already have rather than throwing them away. We’ve also covered how these products work, it’s pretty easy, and why you should make the switch for your home and for your planet. And then we’ve introduced you to some of our favourite new products including our pretty incredible bleach-free toilet cleaner for clean and odour free loos! 

As always, we love to know when you’ve tried our products so make sure you tag us in your pics and your super satisfying cleaning videos!

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