Home composting dog poop

It is possible to compost your dog's poop at home! But you have to be aware of a few things. You should never compost your dog's poop on your regular compost pile intended for your vegetable patch. In fact, anything you are growing that's edible - dog poop compost should not be applied to it. The reason is, the heat in home composting piles is not hot enough to kill off the parasites that can be found in dog waste.

The recommended way to compost dog poop at home is by having a dedicated dog poo composter, you can still add other things like leaves and kitchen waste to this. It will be an enclosed compost pile, ensuring that no nasty smells escape. Another way you can compost your dog's poop is through a wormery! A wormery works by allowing a colony of worms to eat the dog poop, they then excrete it back out. This is then fit to be used on your garden, but not on anything edible! Just bear in mind, you should be careful if your pooch has as recently taken their worming tablets - I'm sure you can imaging this is pretty dangerous for your worms!

The best way to compost your dog poop, whether you have a wormery or a dedicated dog poo composting bin, is by collecting the offending matter in compostable poop bags to start with. Just like ours! You can't do it using traditional plastic dog poop bags as they simply won't break down in your compost. 

 Check them out here!

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