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Making homemade eco-friendly Christmas hampers for your loved ones

Christmas gift hampers always go down a treat - and they're a thoughtful present to boot! When you put them together yourself, it's easy to customise them to suit your loved ones. We've pulled together a list of Christmassy hamper ideas to get your inspiration flowing this festive season - we'd love to hear about your own hamper inspiration too if you've done them before. 

The basics of creating an eco-friendly hamper

We love upcycling - and we know you do too. That's why we'd always recommend starting off with having a look at what you already own to create your environmentally conscious hamper.

1. Do you have anything that you could perhaps put your items in already - whether this is a wooden box, an old wicker basket or even an ordinary box? If you're feeling really crafty - you could fashion an oven mitt or a Christmas stocking to hold your goodies too. 

2. It's time to love your wrapping paper scraps.  Just take some scissors (with adult supervision) and shred them up to make paper straw. You can do it with any other scrap paper you have lying around too.

3. If you have any scrap ribbon in your sewing box - then you can pull these together to make tiny bows to go in and out of your hamper. It makes it look prettier - and is better than using plastic sequins or micro-plastic-creating glitter. 

4. Something to wrap it all up together - We love getting another use out of a pretty scarf or an old silky pillowcase. Be as quirky as you want - the more creative the better. To top it all off, use some ribbon or twine to tie it all together when you're finished. 

1. The classic Christmas morning Coffee lover hamper.

 Huski Coffee cups on a log

We all have that family member or friend who is crazy for their morning coffee (we are here too at EcoVibe) and we know they'll always appreciate coffee related treats. 

  • Choose the main star of your hamper - the Coffee beans! and centre them in the middle of the hamper. You might choose to reuse an old mason jar and go to your local refill shop to get some waste-free beans for this part. Or, if you're looking for something quicker, vegan and Fairtrade - why not try out our Organic Fairtrade instant freeze-dried coffee. 
  • Coffee lovers often love their fancy syrups - and we do too! Why not opt for popping some coffee syrups into your hamper? Your closest zero-waste store might do some if you're lucky.
  • You can't do a coffee hamper without a coffee mug... Why not upcycle one from a charity shop? Or if you'd like to encourage a loved one on their eco-journey, buy a reusable one like our 12oz Reusable Bamboo Coffee Cup. 
  • Finally - a good coffee lover hamper always needs a tasty sweet treat to match. Whether you'd like to make your own baked goods (we are loving this vegan brownie recipe) or purchase some Fairtrade chocolate, there's always something sweet for everyone. 

    2. The luxurious self-care starter hamper.

    This is always a well-loved hamper at Christmas for all - a perfect box for those evenings of post-festivity relaxation. 

    • Choose the main star of your self-care starter hamper carefully. You know your loved one best - what's the most important item for them in a pamper kit? We know we love using our reusable makeup remover pads with our rejuvenating facial oil
    • A pampering session can't go without a beloved candle of course! We'd always recommend shopping small and local with candles as there are so many talented candle makers that need our support this Christmas. If you're looking for a vegan option, we have the breathtaking Champagne Pomelo Natural Candle, with luscious notes of sparkling champagne mixed with the delicious citrusy pomelo combined for the most delightful scent. 
    • A reusable razor always makes a good addition to any self-care box! Did you know approximately 5.5 million people in the UK are still using disposable razors?
    • Last but not least - the sweet treats! Or if they prefer savoury - why not try gifting an assortment of vegan cheeses? 

    3. Plastic-free starter kit Hamper.

    If you're that plastic-free eco hero then this is a chance for you to spread your love and joy for the planet!  

    • Let's break this hamper down into plastic-free kitchen and bathroom essentials.
    • For your kitchen washing up essentials, why not include: a dishwashing soap bar, coconut scrub pads and our famous compostable sponge and scourer duo?
    • For your kitchen cleaning essentials, we'd recommend the amazing plastic-free cleaning sachets with their matching glass bottles. There's a mix of exotic scents - and they're vegan and cruelty-free too! 
    • For your bathroom cleaning essentials, why not include: toilet cleaning bombs, a plastic-free brush and holder, compostable sponges and a powerful eco-friendly toilet cleaner? 

    4. Beard & Shaving essentials Hamper

    Loads of different disposable razors lying on the ground (plastic pollution)

    This one is for all those who love to keep a beautiful beard (or lack of!) into top-tip shape. 

    • The main character - choose reusable razers! We are loving stainless steel razors and they will definitely come into handy after Movember. 
    • An award-winning shaving gel to get a close shave, leaving skin refreshed, soothed and moisturised by organic aloe vera.
    • A refreshing, 100% natural beard oil to keep that fabulous beard in shape!
    • If you're looking for some other gorgeous smellies to set this hamper off - why not have a look for some natural deodorant and organic body wash? 

    You should hopefully feel prepared to get started making your own Christmas hampers now. Don't be afraid to veer from our suggestions, personalise your hamper to your heart's content. Let us know how it goes! 


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