Tea Tree & Clay Dog Shampoo

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Here at EcoVibe, you might notice we’re a company of dog lovers! For those mucky pups in our lives, this is a great product to keep them smelling fresh (until next time!). Our blend of antiseptic Tea Tree Oil and absorbing green clay will clean your pup without irritating their skin.

Our gentle, eco-friendly shampoo is made with 100% natural ingredients so is safe to use on your dog and safe for the environment too.

Our traditional methods retain the natural glycerin which is a by-product of the process and help to moisturise while the soap cleanses.

Made lovingly in Devon.


Saponified Olive Oil, Coconut Oil and Sustainably sourced Palm Oil, Bentonite Clay, Tea Tree essential oil


  • Cruelty Free – absolutely no animal testing except on our dog Margo and her friends!
  • 100% Vegan
  • 100g
  • Packaging made of recycled and recyclable cardboard

Cruelty Free Vegan Compostable Biodegradable Made of recycled materials