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PREORDER Sisal Sponge Scourers

PREORDER Sisal Sponge Scourers

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  • EcoFunding We have sourced some NEW & IMPROVED Sponge Scourers, so we are reaching out for a little bit of help towards the order.
  • When we reach 100 preorders* we can place an order from our manufacturer and then dispatch your Sponge Scourers ASAP.
  • If you try these Sponge Scourers and love them, let us know, and we will look into stocking them regularly!

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They last a long time and because they are compostable they are well worth the money.


Compostable Sponge Scourers

50% cellulose sponge, 50% non-scratch sisal scourer

100% Natural

Single Sponge Scourer

Zero Packaging

  • Absorbing and non-scratch scrubbing power combined

  • Compostable sponge with a sisal scouring side, for light scrubbing

  • Highly durable and 100% biodegradable

  • Size of sponge: 7 x 11.4 x 2cm

Perfect for any cleaning job around the house, not just the washing up!

Totally plastic-free and made from natural materials, these eco scourer pads are super absorbent, soaking up 10x their own dry weight.  

Why we love compostable sponge scourers

Our eco friendly scourer sponges are not only kind to the planet but durable and effective too! Our compostable scourers might be made from plants, but they’ve got incredible non-scratch scrubbing power.

Looking after your Eco Scourers

Keep your sponges as dry as possible between uses to minimise nasty bacteria.

Sterilise your sponge by soaking it in boiled water for a few minutes, by microwaving it, or by putting it in the dishwasher on a drying cycle.


I love the fact that these sponges will not be shedding microplastics into our waterways!

And that they are compostable when no longer useable. 


Why switch?

Most common kitchen sponges are made from plastic and can’t be recycled or composted. They’re usually only used for a couple of weeks to clean the kitchen and kitchen appliances before they’re thrown away, where they’ll contribute to plastic pollution for hundreds of years before eventually breaking down into microplastics.

What’s more, mass-produced synthetic sponges are all made with petroleum, bleach, assorted sulphates and a whole slew of nasty chemicals. Even after you throw old sponges away, the bacteria-killing triclosan they’re filled with negatively affects aquatic ecosystems, especially algae that other animals depend on.