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Poo Bag Samples

Poo Bag Samples

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Pick up your dogs waste without worry, these thick dark bags are strong and reliable.

Don't believe plant based bags will be as good as your plastic ones? Test them out for just 99p!

+ Free Delivery (up to 3 samples)

An easy way to be eco!

  • Extra strong, thick and large bags, for an easy clean up
  • 100% Biodegradable and compostable (breaks down into natural elements)
  • Made in Europe in a wind powered facility, from FSC-certified plant cellulose

Why Swap?

  • Replace around 730 plastic bags per year per dog!
  • Easy way to do your bit for the planet
  • No microplastics left behind when they break down
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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Annette Bell

Poo Bag Samples

Not impressed

My 3 x 99p 'sample packs’ contained 5 bags each – almost 20p per bag. The closest rival brands (Adios, Beco) are cheaper at the normal price. This was quite a deceptive offer, and while the bags are fine, and I like the ecological credentials, I'll be sticking with Adios (much preferred), or Beco. Finally, 3 envelopes + a carboard box completely unnecessarypackaging for 15 poo bags!

Valerie Smithers

Poo Bag Samples

Poo bags

Really happy with the compostable poo bags but the packaging it came in was wasteful. The samples could have been posted in an envelope, instead it was put in large cardboard flat box!

Miss G McCarroll
Poo bags

Good quality material, they are strong and of much better quality than other products on the market. The only thing I would suggest is that there be handles, as it's a bit awkward tying the bag then carrying it afterwards, especially if, like me, you are also pushing a buggy! Apart from that, great product.