'Paws The Plastic' Starter Kit

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Eco-Friendly starter kit for your dog!

Does Fido need a new toy? Are you worried that all the plastic poop bags you go through are bad for the environment? Do you want a nifty clip for your reems and reems of doggy bags that fits on Rover’s lead? If you answer yes to all of these questions, boy do we have the thing for you! A great gift, or just as great for a timely treat for your beloved pooch. Our eco-friendly doggy bundles are the best way to say I woof you in dog, and definitely what your favourite eco-conscious dog lover needs! 

Our starter kit contains:

  • EcoVibe Compostable Poo Bags (120 bags)
  • Soft Dog Toy made form recycled materials
  • Beco Bone
  • EcoVibe Dog Shampoo Bar
  • Poo Bag Dispenser