Compostable Eco Scourer Pack of 2
Compostable Eco Scourer Pack of 2
Compostable Eco Scourer Pack of 2
Compostable Eco Scourer Pack of 2
Compostable Eco Scourer Pack of 2
Compostable Eco Scourer Pack of 2
Compostable Eco Scourer Pack of 2

Compostable Eco Scourer Pack of 2

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Ideal for plastic-free cleaning and washing up, our 2-pack of compostable eco scourers are made from super absorbent cellulose plant fibre and are 100% biodegradable. A simple and easy swap that is effective at removing dirt, grease and helps with all your cleaning tasks. Our mixed sponge scouring pads are the ideal addition to your plastic-free cleaning regime!

Plastic Free UK Made Low Carbon Vegan Cruelty Free

  • Absorbing and non-scratch scrubbing power combined
  • Compostable sponge with a sisal scouring side – for lighter scrubbing
  • Compostable sponge with loofah scouring side – for heavy-duty scouring
  • Absorb up to 10x their own dry weight
  • Highly durable and 100% biodegradable
  • Low-impact, plastic-free packaging
  • Size of each sponge scourer: 7cm x 11cm x 2cm

Product Description

Eco Scourers

Our eco friendly scourer sponges are not only kind to the planet but durable and effective too! Our compostable scourers might be made from plants, but they’ve got incredible non-scratch scrubbing power. Each pack of our plastic-free scourers contains two types:

  • Compostable sponge with sisal scouring side - for lighter scrubbing
  • Compostable sponge with loofah scouring side - for heavy-duty scouring

Our duo pack of sponge scourers is perfect for any cleaning job around the house – whether it’s washing the pots, cleaning the bathroom or scrubbing other hard surfaces. Totally plastic-free and made from natural materials, these eco scourer pads are super absorbent, soaking up 10x their own dry weight.  

How to Take Care of Your Eco Scourers

  • Keep your sponges as dry as possible between uses to minimise nasty bacteria.
  • Sterilise by soaking for a few minutes in boiled water, by microwaving or putting in the dishwasher with a drying cycle.

Why We Love the Eco Scourers

EcoVibe Compostable Sponge Scourers are our new favourite cleaning accessories! The sponge part is made from cellulose (a natural wood fibre), and each sponge features a natural scourer pad side. One is made from sisal cactus fibre (for every day scouring) and the other is made from loofah plant layers (for tougher scrubbing power). They are 100% biodegradable, plastic-free & non-toxic to the environment.

They are durable and will last for months with no bad odours. They also require less soap than a traditional sponge scourer and produce more suds for easier cleaning!

These sponge scourers are great for doing the dishes, cleaning bathroom surfaces and kitchen countertops, as well as everyday spills. They’re absolutely perfect for cleaning all around the house.

Each sponge can absorb and retain up to 10 times its own weight in water and can last through many tough cleaning jobs! They’re hygienic, durable, environmentally-friendly, reusable and fully biodegradable, made from 100% cellulose which is natural wood fibre. That means these wonderful sponges are 100% plastic-free - no microplastics!

Why Swap to Compostable Eco Scourers

Most common kitchen sponges are made from plastic and can’t be recycled or composted. They’re usually only used for a couple of weeks to clean the kitchen and kitchen appliances before they’re thrown away, where they’ll contribute to plastic pollution for hundreds of years before eventually breaking down into microplastics.

What’s more, mass-produced synthetic sponges are all made with petroleum, bleach, assorted sulphates and a whole slew of nasty chemicals. Even after you throw old sponges away, the bacteria-killing triclosan they’re filled with negatively affects aquatic ecosystems, especially algae that other animals depend on.

But don’t worry, these cellulose sponges are a great alternative to chemical-filled plastic sponges! These sponges are made from wood fibres which are much more eco-friendly as they go through a less toxic manufacturing process and they are biodegradable too.

For more information about our eco-labels, click here

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Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Please sell separately

As with other reviews, the cactus scourer is great but loofah not so much and tends to rip easily. Otherwise they last much longer than I feared and are a great alternative to plastic.

Donna Lewis
Wouldn’t buy again because of sisal

The sisal scourer is terrible, after a few uses the top just comes off! Much prefer the loofah scourer, after initial stiffness, it’s great, long-lasting, keeps its shape, rinses well.

Sisal scourer disappointing

Bought the duo pack from John Lewis. Loofah scourer a little stiff on first use but softens up when in use - seems to be pretty durable. However, the sisal scourer is very poor. Only used for a few minutes and the two materials began to come apart, peeling back by an inch on all sides. I shall try to return them to John Lewis which I notice does not stock them any more in the shops or online.

Queen of Clean, York
Please sell separately

The sisal scourer is great. The sponge side, for some reason, never gets stained by anything - tea, curry sauce, tomato-based dishes - and food particles never get lodged in it so it always looks hygienic. The advantage of the sisal side, apart from its scouring abilities, is that it is tea-coloured to start with, so when I scour my mugs it never appears discoloured! The sisal does eventually break down and start to peel away, but only after weeks of use.
I'm not at all keen on the loofah scourer, which is not as effective as the sisal version, and, like other reviewers, would prefer the two items to be sold separately.

Jennie Hillyard
Please sell them separately!

Unlike everyone else it appears, I preferred the loofah option. Yes, it was a little stiff initially but it soon softened up. It lasted around two months in everyday use. The cactus one almost immediately started coming away from the sponge pad and is shedding fibres.
So I would agree, please sell them separately! Otherwise I need to find someone else locally to swap with….