Beco Poop Bags (Mint Scented) - 120 bags

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Did you know that around one million plastic bags are used every minute? That’s a whole lot of plastic… Thankfully, you now have an alternative for your pet!

Beco Mint Scented Waste bags are made using an EPI additive. This helps the bag degrade at an accelerated rate of up to 1,000 times faster than traditional plastics. A great way to make a simple change to help the planet!

The packaging is also 100% recycled, including the cardboard roll the bags are attached to.

Now, you can make a grim responsibility a cause for pride. No more harmful plastic needed when your pet does his thing! 

This product comprises of 270 bags in 18 rolls.

  • Degradable poo bags
  • Recycled Packaging
  • 270 bags per box
  • Mint Scented
  • Bag measures: 22.5cm x 33cm

These bags are designed to fit into our Bamboo Poop Bag Dispenser, to make handling easier, because of this they don't have handles. 


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