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Greencane Bamboo Kitchen Roll

Greencane's biodegradable kitchen roll is made from 80% sustainable bamboo and recycled sugarcane, and 20% sustainably sourced wood pulp to provide an eco-friendly option for your kitchen. The 2-ply kitchen rolls are strong and absorbent, and packaged in paper and plant-based cellophane that is compostable.

Cruelty Free Vegan Plastic Free

  • 2X Euro-size 80 sheet 2-ply kitchen rolls
  • 100% biodegradable & Compostable packaging
  • Allergy sensitive
  • BPA & GMO free.
  • No inks, fragrances, or chlorine. 

Product Description

Greencane Bamboo Kitchen Roll

A pack of 2 super absorbent and strong 2-ply kitchen rolls in 'eurosize', made from a mix of 100% biodegradable sugarcane and bamboo. Sustainably sourced with no plastic packaging - the front panel is a compostable plant-based cellophane. 

Sheet size: 21cm X 23cm

About Greencane:

Sustainable, tree-free, and always free from plastic. Greencane paper is apart of the worldwide movement towards sustainability, creating alternatives to toilet paper, kitchen roll, and tissues. Made from bamboo and recycled sugarcane waste. Only good things go into their products - No inks, fragrances, or plastics. Earth friendly manufactured.

Why we love this Bamboo Kitchen Roll!

These amazing sugarcane & bamboo kitchen rolls are sustainably made from sugarcane and bamboo waste! The farming of sugarcane and bamboo has a very low impact and has very few needs other than simple sun and water.

It’s packed completely plastic-free in a combination of paper which is 100% biodegradable and recyclable too, as well as clear plant-based cellophane which can be composted later! This makes it an amazing alternative choice, promoting recycling and better sustainability.

Why switch to bamboo kitchen roll?

Traditional kitchen roll is taken from trees that take around 20 years to grow before they're cut down for a single-use product. With around 27,000 trees being chopped down every day, all this paper is severely contributing to deforestation. Alternatively, both sugarcane and bamboo are fast-growing tropical crops that are farm harvested annually. During harvesting, only the growth part of the plant is removed, so the next years crop grows back naturally.  A plus? Being mainly plant based, this kitchen roll achieves 100% biodegradability. 

This kitchen roll is also packaged in recyclable and compostable paper, as well as a plant-based cellophane instead, so we don't need to worry about plastic packaging ending up in landfill or contributing to ocean pollution.



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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Paper Towels

I've found these paper towels to be completely fine. They work really well for me and the jobs I use them for (wrapping up fresh ingredients, wiping the kitchen floor when it needs it, or when something mucky just needs to go straight in the bin). Granted, I don't use them for every little job, I have re-usable cloths and sponges for the tougher jobs. But if you just want something for the muckiest jobs then they're absolutely fine, and the packaging is excellent as it's plastic-free. Also, mine have always torn without issue from my dispenser.

Karen H
Great eco-friendly alternative

Really good product, biodegradable and no plastic in the wrapping.


Great product . I actually use less now I have bought it.

Sugar cane and bamboo kitchen roll

What a shame. I’m trying to be more environmentally friendly, but the products have to be fit for purpose and unfortunately I don’t feel this is. I can’t tear this from the dispenser cleanly as it tears across the sheet as it is so flimsy. It doesn’t take much liquid for it to fall apart and turn it to mush. I also use kitchen roll (Plenty) as tissues and ha d wipes as they last for ages but this just can’t hack it, one blow and it has holes and falls apart.