Top Leeds eco-company brings plastic-free poo bags to Bradford


Leeds-based eco company, EcoVibe, are proud to partner with Bradford-based production company, Anzeck, in a move that will see their biggest selling product being made in the heart of Yorkshire.


Leeds, West Yorkshire – [27.06.19] - EcoVibe, a leading eco company based in Leeds, have shifted production of their biggest selling compostable pet product from overseas to Bradford, reducing their carbon footprint and helping to support West Yorkshire business.

EcoVibe, who have already prevented around a tonne of plastic entering the ecosystem, sell thousands of compostable dog poo bags every month from their ecommerce store. The bags, which are made from corn starch and can break down to nothing, were previously made overseas after EcoVibe struggled to find a UK supplier. Anzeck, a bag production company based on Florence Street, started to manufacture compostable bags recently after becoming interested in how they too could be more eco-friendly.


EcoVibe’s Marketing Manager, Rebecca Pinder said, “At EcoVibe we're Yorkshire through and through, so it's only right our bags are made here too! Both plastic and carbon dioxide are huge environmental concerns for us all. We estimate that over 7 billion dog poo bags are used every year in the UK alone. That’s a lot of dog poo! And if the bags are plastic, that’s also a lot of harmful chemicals entering our ecosystem.” She continued, “We’re already proud that our bags are 100% plant based, but we couldn’t be happier to have them being made just down the road from us!”


EcoVibe was founded in late 2018 by four friends who, frustrated by the lack of plastic-free alternatives to everyday items, decided to put their skills together to try and create a solution. Now nearly 1 year on, EcoVibe has a team of staff, a range of their own branded products and big plans to keep expanding. EcoVibe’s Commercial Manager, Amy Landon said, “It’s great to feel like we’re making a difference. What our customers want is at the heart of our decision making, so we’re always looking to create new products which help people reduce plastic in their lives.”


The new Yorkshire-produced bags, costing £9.99 for 120 bags (a 2-month supply), will be available online at from Friday 28th June.



EcoVibe – Reduce your plastic, reduce the problem.

EcoVibe was founded in Leeds in late 2018 by four friends looking to reduce their plastic use.

At EcoVibe, we believe the fight against plastic starts at home. That’s why we’re committed to helping you replace plastic essentials with eco-friendly alternatives. Take a small step today towards a greener future with EcoVibe. Together, we can make a real difference.


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