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Large Cellulose Cleaning Sponges

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Make cleaning easier with dishwasher safe, large cellulose sponges.

Clean surfaces, dishes and windows with ease. They last up to 10x longer than conventional sponges.

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Get Your Clean On!

  • These sponges are dish washer safe + can also be boiled to sanitise 
  • Made in the UK, from FSC-certified plant cellulose
  • Free of all plastics, petrochemicals, and other coatings

Why Swap?

  • No more adding plastic to landfills + oceans with regular sponges - our sponges biodegrade naturally + can add to your compost! 
  • You won't need to re-buy as often, our sponges are dishwasher safe + up to 10x longer lasting
  • No more smelly sponges! Our sponges are anti-fungal + antimicrobial
  • No more adding waste to landfills, oceans and clogging sewers

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