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Plastic-Free Deodorant – Stay Fresh & Help The World 

A quick spray of aerosol deodorant or a swipe of roll-on is a common part of our everyday routine.

But the UK uses 600 million aerosols a year, which is equivalent to around 10 cans per person.

Unfortunately, that’s a lot of plastic and un-recyclable material going to landfill – not to mention the synthetic ingredients we put on our bodies every day.

Plastic-free deodorant is kind to your body, as well as the world around us. Our range of deodorant is:

  • Kind to your skin
  • Recyclable & biodegradable
  • Natural & effective
  • BPA free
  • Plastic-free
  • Cruelty-free

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The Benefits Of Plastic-Free Deodorant

1. Good For Your Skin

Commercial deodorants often work as an anti-perspirant. They block your sweat glands and stop the production of sweat altogether, thus eradicating any potential odour.

However, did you know that sweat is actually odourless? Odour occurs when we cover up areas such as the armpits or feet that are prone to a damp, warm environment. This creates an ideal home for that pesky odour-inducing bacteria.

In comparison, plastic free deodorant allows your skin to breathe. It doesn’t stop your body’s natural sweat function but targets the bacteria that causes the odour.  

2. Keeps You Smelling Fresh

Plastic free natural deodorant creates long-lasting freshness that you can rely on, even on your busiest days.

There’s a wide variety of fragrances to choose from, like zesty grapefruit and mandarin from Kutis or floral rose and grapefruit by EcoVibe. There’s even an unscented version for those with sensitive skin.

Each product in our plastic free deodorant UK is specially selected for their natural fragrance made with a blend of essential oils. Not a synthetic fragrance in sight!

Many essential oils not only smell great but have powerful natural properties too. For example, lemon and tea tree are naturally antibacterial whereas rose soothes the skin.  

3. Protect The Environment

Ditch the plastic with our fantastic range of natural deodorant. Your skin will love you, the planet will too!

Commercial deodorant is notorious for its hard-to-recycle packaging. For example, roll-ons have a thick layer of plastic around the bar inside.

Aerosols are made from aluminium which isn’t easy to recycle. In addition, aerosols contain a nasty mix of hydrocarbon and compressed gas, a large contributor to air pollution.

However, our range offers two types of eco-friendly packaging in plastic free deodorant UK. Firstly, the cardboard tube is a popular and surprisingly robust choice for deodorant sticks. It’s also recyclable and biodegradable if it ends up in landfill.

Next, reusable glass jars are recyclable and refillable – a great choice if you’re looking to lower your carbon footprint.

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Plastic-Free Deodorant UK Reviews

Don’t just hear it from us. Our customers are happy they made the switch!


This is an amazing eco alternative to the toxic and wasteful aerosol deodorants that you can buy elsewhere. I love that it doesn't claim to stop you from sweating because your body needs to do that but it has anti-bacterial properties to prevent smell. Works really well for me and has a subtle scent when applied. Unless I'm exercising, it pretty much lasts all day. "



I'm delighted with this deodorant, my first one after years of antiperspirants. I read up on switching over, and the second week was slightly sweaty as expected, it's been fine since then. Exercising might need to reapply. Good everyday coverage, lovely subtle scent. Easy to use. I'm really happy I finally changed over, will buy again. "



I think this stuff is fabulous! I’m a runner so my kit used to get quite smelly! I picked the tea tree and lemongrass for its anti bacterial effects for that exact reason and I’m not disappointed. No more smelly uniform that needs washing everyday so saves the washing machine too! Well done EcoVibe! "


EcoVibe are passionate about providing you with eco friendly alternatives to everyday household products. Since 2018, we’ve prevented over 83 tonnes of plastic from entering the environment.

Take a small step today towards a greener future with EcoVibe. Together, we can make a real difference.