Our Best Selling, Money Saving Eco-Friendly Products.

Our Best Selling, Money Saving Eco-Friendly Products.

Refillable Laundry Washing Egg

  • Easiest replacement for laundry detergent (70 washes per egg refill)
  • Developed for sensitive skin (Rated ‘excellent’ for sensitive skin by Dermatest)
  • Includes 1 laundry egg + first refill (70 washes) 

Cost per wash based on: 70 laundry washes

Stainless Steel Reusable Razor

  • Stylish razor with easy to replace blade
  • Decreases chances of ingrown hairs 
  • Will last forever if taken care of!
  • Much closer longer lasting shave - you won't believe the difference!
  • Includes razor + first blade
  • Replacement blades are only £1.99 for pack of 5!

Cost per use based on: using it twice a week for 50 years

Compostable Sponge Cleaning Cloth

  • Our sponge cloths are dishwasher safe + up to 10x longer lasting
  • 1 of these replaces 1500 paper towels + absorbs 10x its dry in liquid
  • Naturally anti-fungal + antimicrobial
  • Made in the UK, from FSC-certified plant cellulose

Cost per use based on: using each cloth 100 times

Reusable Makeup Remover Pads

  • Our bamboo pads are thick, super-soft and make a great addition to your routine for cleansing and toning
  • 12 soft double lined pads, great for everyday makeup removal and cleansing
  • 4 soft textured pads, for an exfoliating cleanse deep into pores 
  • Machine wash in the cotton bag at 30°C. 

Cost per use based on: removing your makeup daily for 2 years

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