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Eco Repair Stick

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Cheaper than the cheapest phone charger and twice as strong.

Simply, melt it in water and mould it how you like. You can re-melt it over and over as many times as you want! No mess like superglue or sticky tape.

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Get in on the latest eco hack

  • Repair broken stuff in minutes without any hassle
  • Simple to use and no mess like superglue or sellotape 
  • Get 1 white fixit stick with instruction card
  • Reuse over and over by re-melting used parts in boiling water again 

Why buy?

  • Incredible new DIY kitchen drawer essential
  • give another life to the broken items around your house
  • Superglue and sellotape are bad for the environment and messy to use 
  • Fixits are made from bio-plastic which isn't harmful to the environment and is registered as compostable to EN14995 standard