Coconut Scrub Pads FAQ's

Why are your coconut scrub pads expensive?

Environmentally friendly products can often be more expensive than the mass-produced plastic versions, but they’re the only way to stop plastic pollution.

Unfortunately, the materials and production of coir products is simply more expensive than plastic alternatives, due to the labour and time involved in growing natural products – whereas plastic is cheap because the toxic, chemical ingredients are mass produced cheaply. Hope this helps explain.

Where are your coconut scrub pads made?

The coconut scrub pads are made in Tamil Nadu, India, which is also where the raw materials come from. We try to source from the UK and Europe wherever possible, but as coconuts aren’t native to Europe this will always need to be a compromise. We aim to have all products on the site shipped by sea wherever possible to reduce the amount of carbon generated.

How are the coconuts for your Scrub Pads harvested?

The coconuts are provided by CDB-monitored farms. Collection methods vary from country to country, but in India where our coconut products are produced, the main two are via tree climbers using special palm-climbing devices or using long-handled scythes to cut down the fruits. We’ve been assured that coconuts for our products are from non-violent and ethical sources.