@Dirty What? is on a mission to raise consumers awareness of harmful substances in everyday items. We are committed to bringing an impartial, credible, differentiated service to our consumers.

Our aim is to empower ingredient-conscious and eco-consumers to choose the safest personal care, beauty, skincare, cosmetics, pet, and household products!How do we plan on doing it?

By evaluating products and providing reviews, putting together information about harmful and toxic ingredients in the form of a dictionary; besides, we will also suggest clean product swaps.

Brand Story

Founder of Dirty What? Tanya Battle BSc(Hons).
“My goal is to see my two children grow into confident, free-thinking conscious humans.”

Juggling a busy household with two boisterous boys. Grateful to live in the peaceful North Yorkshire countryside, with a passion for good health and well-being. Tanya’s journey began training to be a pilates practitioner which opened her eyes to learning about the deeper workings of the body and the mind-body connection. Tanya then trained to be a Fascia Massage Therapist and became interested in the effects of toxicity on the body's physiology when trying to overcome her own health issues, including struggles with allergies, acne, and pigmentation. From her research, Tanya found that the power to heal ailments begins with addressing the toxic influences around you and what you put into your body.

Tanya, along with Dirty What, believes people are capable of being responsible for their own health. This starts with detoxing the body on the level of the physical environment, and with what we consume.



@Dirty What? reviews will get right to the point, no beating about the bush here! As a customer you’ll exactly know how safe or unsafe the products you’re purchasing are. 


It is not easy to navigate product’s labels. Frequently, harmful and toxic ingredients are hard to identify. With our dictionary the consumer will immediately know what to avoid. 


Making the switch to non-toxic and natural products can feel like a huge task. To make it easy, for each nasty product you research we’ll recommend a clean alternative.



Personal Care



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We are a force for good. We are driving change and promoting natural, cruelty-free, vegan, fresh ingredients products.

Tell us what would you like to know about and what products would you like us to review? Are you looking for a clean swap? Let us know and we will help you 

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