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Our Story

We started out as friends working together, trying to do our own little bit for the environment and that grew into the site you see today! 


The EcoVibe Team

Gabriela; My journey with zero waste started in 2017 when I’ve watched ‘A Plastic Ocean’ documentary. That was the moment I’ve realised there is no ‘away’, that all the plastic I have ever used is still out there in the landfill or the ocean. Since then I’m always trying new things to reduce my plastic waste as I do believe the fight with plastic starts at home. The changes  I’m most proud of are going for DIY cleaning products and reed diffusers!

Elise; I grew up in rural Derbyshire and was very lucky to spend many a summer’s day (and winter’s, for that matter!) hiking across the beautiful Peak District. As I got older, I became more aware of the plastic litter that had started to accumulate in some areas. When I moved to Leeds for uni, the impact of plastic pollution in the city was unmissable and I realised more needed to be done about it. 

Danny; It’s virtually impossible not to come into contact with plastic each day, I feel like there is always much more I could do to cut down the amount I use. It’s easy to forget how much damage we do to the planet, and it seems plastic is still something which is getting overlooked by most of the population.

Small steps can have a huge impact. Start today with EcoVibe and help make plastic history!