Natural Toothpaste

      14 products

      14 products

      Commercial toothpaste products produce a great deal of plastic waste each year. They are not easily recycled and therefore end up in landfill sites, where they don’t break down easily. Not only that but a number of standard toothpaste products can contain harmful ingredients. Make your dental routine more eco-friendly with our plastic-free natural toothpaste collection – we even have fluoride options!

      What toothpaste does not have plastic in it?

      Toothpaste tabs are a great plastic free option – they come in biodegradable, plastic free containers and the tabs themselves produce zero waste. They contain naturally active ingredients that offer you a sparkling clean – keeping your teeth fresh and healthy. At Ecovibe all our toothpaste products are plastic free.

      Is natural toothpaste good for your teeth?

      If natural toothpastes contain the right naturally active ingredients, which many of ours do, then yes, a natural toothpaste is just as good for your teeth as commercial products. Even better – they do not contain harsh chemicals which can actually be harmful to you in the long term.

      What is the most environmentally friendly toothpaste?

      Any toothpaste that contains natural ingredients, is free of harmful chemicals and plastic free will make a great environmentally friendly alternative to commercial toothpaste. We have a variety to choose from – including tabs and pastes.