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      5 products

      Toilet roll, kitchen roll and tissues all end up in our waste bins and getting flushed down the toilet, so it is important to consider whether you are using the most environmentally friendly option available. At Ecovibe we have simple swaps you can make – including bamboo kitchen roll. Our products are 100% biodegradable and contain 0 plastic.

      What is the most environmentally friendly toilet paper?

      The best toilet papers are those made from 100% recycled paper as these are not processed with chlorine. In addition to this you should look out for whether plastic packaging is used and whether the paper is biodegradable.

      Is kitchen roll eco-friendly?

      In the UK, commercial kitchen roll is non-recyclable. However, if you switch to eco-friendly alternatives such as bamboo kitchen roll – this is completely biodegradable.

      How are tissues biodegradable?

      Tissues are made from wood and therefore are a plant-based material that is completely biodegradable. You can use our tissues comfortably knowing they will break down completely.