Organic Shower Gel

      10 products

      10 products

      Commercial shower gels unfortunately produce a great deal of plastic waste and contain a number of potentially damaging ingredients that end up getting washed down your drain – making their way to our oceans where they can be harmful to marine life. Shop our collection of plastic free shower gels as an eco-friendly alternative to traditional products.

      Is shower gel bad for the environment?

      Commercial shower gels tend to have a long list of ingredients, which often includes a range of potentially harmful chemicals. These chemicals are not only potential harmful to your skin, but also marine life when they get washed down the drain. Our shower gels are much safer as they contain 99.6% natural ingredients.

      Why is shower gel bad?

      Traditional shower gel products are not only bad for the environment as they contain a number of toxic ingredients, but they also come in plastic bottles which contribute to the large amount of plastic waste that is filling our planet.

      Is soap more environmentally friendly than shower gel?

      When it comes to commercial soaps vs shower gels, there isn’t much difference in terms of which is better. This is because both contain potential toxic ingredients – and whilst soap uses less plastic it might contain unethically sourced palm oil. Instead, at Ecovibe we have a range of shower gels and soaps that are plastic free and natural – only ever using ethically sourced palm oil.