Bamboo Cutlery & Reusable Straws

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      3 products

      Single use plastic straws and cutlery are known to be one of the biggest wastes of plastic – and one of the easiest swaps for people to make. Making sure to carry reusable cutlery with you helps to ensure you can eat out and buy takeaways without worrying about your plastic waste. Not only do single use plastic items such as cutlery and plastic straws contribute to the mass amount of plastic waste – but they can be extremely damaging to the oceans and marine life. Switching to reusable straws and cutlery is one small step you can take to protecting the planet and reducing waste.  

      Are reusable straws safe?  

      Yes, reusable straws are safe and durable. We have a variety of straws in different materials depending on your preference. We have stainless steel straws which are extremely durable and dishwasher safe. Alternatively, we also stock bamboo straws as a 100% natural alternative. They are also sturdy and hardwearing.  

      Is reusable cutlery hygienic?  

      Yes, reusable cutlery and straws are perfectly hygienic. You have to make sure you wash them as often as you do any other type of kitchenware. After each use make sure to wash your straws and cutlery – either in the dishwasher or in the sink depending on product specifications.  

      How long do reusable straws last? 

      Reusable straws, especially those made from stainless steel can last an extremely long time – especially when taken care of properly. There is no reason you should have to replace your straws unless you lose any.