Easter Eggs

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      2 products

      Do you stock Vegan friendly Easter Eggs?

      We stock a wide range of sustainably sourced vegan friendly Easter Egg's that are just as smooth and creamy than the real thing. Plus, it's not just dark chocolate that we stock- we've got vegan white chocolate, orange, mint...sounds delicious right? Go on, treat yourself this Easter!

      Are the Easter Eggs you stock fair trade?

      All of the brands we stock, provide fair trade Easter eggs. 

      Happi Eggs buy their Cacao directly from Colombian farmers, who they personally visited. This farm-to-bar method means they know who grows their chocolate and can guarantee that they are paying a fair price for it. No child or slave labour, guaranteed.

      Cox&Co. have developed environmentally sustainable farming methods, and work closely with their farmers & communities, meaning that they can guarantee all of their cocao is fully traceable, slave labour free, and tastes incredible!

      What makes your Easter Eggs eco-friendly?

      All Easter Eggs on our website have 100% plastic-free packaging. All packaging can be recycled or composted.