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      Period care can be expensive, and harmful to the environment when commercial products are used. Instead, period cups provide a reusable solution. Period cups are a great way to save money and make your menstrual hygiene routine more environmentally friendly by reducing disposable product use.

      Are menstrual cups safe?

      Yes, as long as you follow the manufacturers safety guidelines then they are perfectly safe and no more dangerous than using tampons. If you do experience any concerns or issues its important to stop using and visit your GP.

      Is the menstrual cup eco-friendly?

      Yes, menstrual cups are much more eco-friendly than their commercial, disposable alternatives. Menstrual cups can provide up to 12 hours of protections and are ideal for active lifestyles.

      What is the most environmentally friendly menstrual cup?

      Most menstrual cups are environmentally friendly. Our nudie period cup can replace thousands of disposable period products and is designed to last for 10 years.